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Common Bacterial Diseases of Pig and its Preventive Measures

PASTEURELLOSIS-the causative bacteria are normally present in the respiratory and intestinal tracts but when immunity of the pig is lowered due to some other diseases the infection set up. Symptoms are coughing, labored breathing, high body temperatu...

06 Mar 2019

Duck Virus Enteritis and its Preventive Measures

Duck virus enteritis is an acute infection disease of duck characterized by vascular damage with tissue haemorrhages and bleeding from all body cavities. It is also known as Duck plague. All age group of duck are susceptible. The disease lead to sign...

26 Feb 2019

Importance of Grooming Your Pet Dogs

Grooming is vital in the maintenance of your dogs to keep them hale and hearty and ensure a comfortable life for them. Dog immune system become weak as they get older and thus the skin need extra care. Grooming of dogs keep the skin clean and free fr...

14 Feb 2019

Use of Locally Available Unconventional Feed Stuff in Pig Ration

Pig production requires a carefully planned and efficient feeding programme. Feed cost of pig production usually account for nearly 60-70 percent of the total production cost. Therefore, it is extremely important that economical as well as nutritiona...

24 Jan 2019

Nutritional Management in Dogs

Adequate knowledge on the nutritional requirement of dogs is necessary for the dog owners. Dogs are omnivorous. The essential nutrients in dog’s diet are like human beings. They are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. 1. Meat is o...

11 Jan 2019

Important Tips for Scientific Pig Rearing

1. Selection Criteria of Piglets for Rearing a) Long body piglets are more desirable b) Female breeder should come fromgood and healthy litter size c) Boar with masculine body is preferable 2. Proper breeding management of Sow(mature female pig) a) B...

19 Dec 2018

Salmonella Infection in Chicken and its Preventive Measures

Salmonella is a gram negative bacteria. There are many serotypes of salmonella but most common serotypes that infect chicken are Salmonella pullorum and Salmonella gallinarum respectively which causes heavy losses/mortality to chicken specially the y...

14 Nov 2018

Record Keeping a Must For Our Livestock Farmers

Record means recording of information or events for individual animal or for the whole farm animal. We sometime tend to memorizes but it is not possible to memories day to days event for a long period as we tends to forget thereby missing out many im...

06 Nov 2018

Classical Swine Fever in Pig and its Preventive Measures

Swine fever is a highly contagious disease affecting pigs of all ages .It is a very common viral disease of pig. Pig get infected either by direct contact with infected pigs or by contaminated feed, garbage and water. The symptoms of swine fever incl...

11 Jul 2018

Small Projects, Big Concerns: Impacts of Small Hydropower Projects on Fish Communities in the Western Ghats

• First ever study in India to evaluate environmental impacts of Small Hydropower Projects (SHPs) published • SHPs found to significantly affect river flow, water quality and fish communities in Western Ghats • Past studies observed increased h...

01 Jun 2018

Conserving Traditional Crop Diversity and Wild Medicinal Plants in Morocco

By Abderrahim Ouarghidi | EMN The Moroccan proverb “New things have a charm and old ones should be preserved” has wide applicability in current Moroccan agricultural practices and attitudes toward conventional and local crop varieties. The revea...

08 May 2018

Keep Chocolates Away From Dogs as Christmas Season Sets in

Love to stock your home with chocolate cookies for Christmas? Keep your canine friends away from chocolate as it can be poisonous for them, researchers have warned. The findings reveal significant seasonal peaks of chocolate ingestion cases across th...

21 Dec 2017

New TB-Resistant Cows Developed in China

In a first, Chinese scientists have used a novel version of the CRISPR gene-editing technology to successfully produce live cows with increased resistance to bovine tuberculosis (TB). The researchers from Northwest A&F University in China used a ...

03 Feb 2017

‘Slow Release Fertiliser Can Revolutionise Agriculture’

K.S. Jayaraman Sri Lankan scientists have developed a simple way to make a benign, more efficient fertiliser that could contribute to a second food revolution, it is claimed. The nanoparticle-based “slow release” nitrogen fertiliser they have suc...

02 Feb 2017

Combating Swine fever and its impact on State’s economy

EMN Dimapur, July 28 [dropcap]A[/dropcap] daylong awareness event on swine fever was held on Wednesday at the NU-SASRD auditorium in Medziphema. Director of National Research Centre on Pig Dr. DK Sharma was the chief guest of the event. ...

28 Jul 2013
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