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Common Bacterial Diseases of Pig and its Preventive Measures

By EMN Updated: Mar 06, 2019 10:45 pm
  1. PASTEURELLOSIS-the causative bacteria are normally present in the respiratory and intestinal tracts but when immunity of the pig is lowered due to some other diseases the infection set up. Symptoms are coughing, labored breathing, high body temperature, nasal discharge and general body weakness.
  2. SWINE ERYSIPELAS-infection occurs in pig through infected wound of a diseased pig to other healthy pig or ingestion of contaminated food and water with the faeces, urine,saliva and nasal discharge of infected animals. Loss of appepite,vomiting and diarrheoa,incordination of body movements, diamond skin lesions over the belly,ears,neck and thigh region
  3. LEPTOSPIROSIS-infection occurs through direct contact with the urine of infected pig or ingestion of contaminated food and water, aborted foetus or uterine discharges. Symptoms are high fever, loss of appetite, jaundice and abortion. Nervous signs like circling movement and paralysis appear in some pigs
  4. SALMONELLASIS-the infection is transmitted by direct exposure of infected pig to healthy pigs, infected faeces, soil, water and feed contamination are also important source of infection. Symptoms are profuse watery faeces with blood clot and mucus high temperature initially and gradually temperature drop to subnormal
  5. COLLIBACILLOSIS-it is one the most important disease of new born piglets, Disease is transmitted through contaminated food, water, internal discharges of the mother pigs. Symptoms are passing of brown to greyish white loose faeces and inflammation of joints

Some Steps to Prevent and Control Bacterial Diseases in Pig:

  1. The pig should be housed in well ventilated, airy and dry place and direct sun light in the shed for at least some hour every day
  2. Daily cleaning of the shed, feeders and water trough
  3. Fed well balanced diet according to the age and purpose of rearing
  4. Immediately isolate any weak, sick or diseased pig from the rest of the healthy pigs
  5. Disposal of faeces or internal discharges and other waste products should be disposed a little distance away from the pig shed.
  6. Proper disposal of death pig by deep burial method.

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