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Record Keeping a Must For Our Livestock Farmers

By EMN Updated: Nov 06, 2018 11:30 pm

Record means recording of information or events for individual animal or for the whole farm animal. We sometime tend to memorizes but it is not possible to memories day to days event for a long period as we tends to forget thereby missing out many important event. Record help to calculate expenses and income of the farm and at the end of the year the farmer profit or loss can be work out. The various weaknesses in management can be study and help in future improvement of the farm. Comparism can also be made with other farms. It helps in estimation of the cost of production of different farm products. Records of farms can be produces for legal consideration as an when required.

Two types of records to be maintain in any livestock farm are-
1. Financial record- deals with various business matters such as purchase of stock, purchase of feed, sale register, dead stock register, subsidiary register etc.
2. Technical record- deals with performances of the animal and various events of the farm such as calving register, breeding register, milk yield production register, feed register, health register, vaccination and deworming register, treatment register etc.

Our livestock farmers need to be aware that for the success of any farming whether organises or un- organise maintaince of various farm records is very important for past reference, to known present status and for future planning and expansion.

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