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Important Tips for Scientific Pig Rearing

By EMN Updated: Dec 19, 2018 10:44 pm

1. Selection Criteria of Piglets for Rearing
a) Long body piglets are more desirable
b) Female breeder should come fromgood and healthy litter size
c) Boar with masculine body is preferable

2. Proper breeding management of Sow(mature female pig)
a) Breeding age for female pig is 6-8 months or when it attained 90-100kg body weight
b) Before breeding, feed the sow with high energy ration like concentrated feeds for about 2 weeks along with iron supplement
c) Placenta should be dispose off properly
d) One attendant should help the sow while farrowing (act of giving birth by female pig)

3. Feeding management
a) Concentrate feeds should be fed to the sow for better growth rate of piglets. Example of concentrate feeds are oil cakes, fish meal, maize crush, wheat bran.
b) Feeds supplement like mineral mixtures should be given to the sow

4. Proper deworming should be done for piglets at 2 months of age

5. Proper castration should be done for male piglets at 2-3 months

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