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Importantance of Deworming Your Pet Dog

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1) Why deworming in dog is important?
There are three common types of worms which can affect your pet dog
• Toxocaracanis – commonly known as Round worm
• Dipylidiumcaninum – commonly known as Tape worm
• Ancylostomacaninum – commonly known as Hook worm
This gastro intestinal worm adversely affects the growth and development. Hence it is essential to keep dogs free from worm infestations.

2) Sign and symptoms of worms in dog:
• In case of Tapeworm- white grains of rice types are seen in your dog faeces or sometime long worms of small segments joined together in heavily infected dog
• In case of Roundworm- when dog vomits worms are seen expelled out along with the vomitus
• In case of Hookworm –anaemia and bloody diarrhoea
• Some other general symptoms are:
Body weight loss
Poor body coat
Loss of appetite
Appear dull and depressed

3) How will you know if your dog has worms?
• Bring your dog faecal sample regularly to the nearest Veterinary Hospital /Veterinary health centre for Microscopic examination.

4) How often should you deworm your dog?
Deworming schedules:-
• 1st DOSE:- 3-4 weeks of age
• 2nd DOSE:-3 week after 1st dose upto the age of 6 months, monthly deworming and after 6 months repeat every 3 months.
For pregnant dogs
• Deworm once prior to mating
• Once at whelping
• Then at 2 and 4 weeks after whelping
• Then after that twice a year
*** Deworm your dog one week prior to vaccination

5) What sort of dewormer should you use?
• Depending on the type of worms. Always consult a Veterinarian for advice for deworming your dog
• Under dosing may cause drug resistance in worms
• Over dose may adversely affect health of dog
Trust your veterinary doctor he knows best for your pet dog

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