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Importance of Grooming Your Pet Dogs

By EMN Updated: Feb 14, 2019 1:39 am

Grooming is vital in the maintenance of your dogs to keep them hale and hearty and ensure a comfortable life for them. Dog immune system become weak as they get older and thus the skin need extra care. Grooming of dogs keep the skin clean and free from external parasitic infestation

Common Grooming Practices in your Pet Dogs:
1. Hair Brushing – it keeps the hair neat and clean and does maintain healthy body coat. Daily brushing prevent matting and tangling of hair
2. Nail Trimming – monthly nail trimming is essential to prevent any self-injure or injuries to the owner
3. Bathing – Dogs should be bathed at least twice a month, It help to check on the dogs skin for any cuts, external parasite or skin disease
4. Ear care- dogs with floppy ears or long hair tend to be more prompt to ear infections, hence they need routine ear cleaning every month with cotton swab
5. Haircut- long haired dogs need hair cut every month
6. Dental care- brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and providing them with healthy diet will help prevent tartar ,gingivitis and other dental problems
7. Paw care- it is important to check your dog’s feet regularly to make sure they are free of wounds, infections or any objects that may get lodged

Advantage of Daily Grooming of your Pet Dogs
1. Reduces the chances of developing various health problems such as scratches and skin irritation
2. Help maintain general cleanliness, healthy body coat and hair and also make the dog look pretty
3. Daily grooming strengthens the bond between the dog and its owners

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