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Use of Locally Available Unconventional Feed Stuff in Pig Ration

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2019 11:40 pm

Pig production requires a carefully planned and efficient feeding programme. Feed cost of pig production usually account for nearly 60-70 percent of the total production cost. Therefore, it is extremely important that economical as well as nutritionally balance diet are provided during all stages of pig production. The economics of pig feeding depends on locally available feed stuffs. Some of the common locally available unconventional feed stuff which will help in reducing the cost of production in pig rearing are-

1. Sweet Potato: it is locally available. It can be fed as energy source in pig ration
2. Pineapple waste: obtain from waste product in pineapple such as covers, waste obtained after squeezing the juices. The pineapple wastes contain 5 percent crude protein. It can be fed as energy source
3. Tapioca waste: it can be used as energy source in pig ration upto 5-10 percent
4. Water hyacinth: before feeding water hyacinth to the pig, it should be wilted and can be used upto 20-30 percent in the total feed intake
5. Silk worm pupa meal: it contain 55 percent crude protein which can be incorporated in the pig ration as a substitute of fish meal
6. De-caffeinated tea waste: it contains about 7.5 percent digestible crude protein and can be used up to 10 percent in concentrate mixture
7. Garbage waste: wastes from hotels, hostels, garden, agricultural wastes etc. can be used in the pig ration. Before feeding the pig, these wastes are to be boiled properly before feeding.

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