Temporary Structures Under Dimapur Railway Flyover To Be Dismantled; NCD Lauds Zhaleo Rio - Eastern Mirror
Saturday, April 13, 2024

Temporary structures under Dimapur Railway flyover to be dismantled; NCD lauds Zhaleo Rio

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2023 7:27 pm

DIMAPUR — Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) has expressed appreciation to Advisor of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs, Zhaleo Rio, for initiating some much-needed developmental activities, including construction of drainage that will help address the inconvenience faced by the residents of Dimapur.

In a statement, the NCD informed that the legislator has issued an order to remove all the temporary structures housing shops and vendors in Dimapur city, particularly below the Dimapur Railway flyover and develop the area into a systematised vehicle parking lot for shoppers.

Zhaleo has also ordered the removal of all temporary structures constructed by vendors along the roads and Hongkong Market area in Dimapur, for construction of ‘standard footpaths’ for pedestrians, said the council.

It went on to say that the construction of a “well-engineered drainage system” has been announced for the Dimapur city, to ensure a clog-free drain during the raining season.

Acknowledging the legislator’s concern towards the problems faced by the citizens, the NCD said his leadership and contributions for all round development of Dimapur will not go unnoticed. While lauding his vision in regard to developmental programmes, projects and initiatives in Dimapur, the council also said that it is looking forward early execution of the ventures.

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By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2023 7:27:03 pm
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