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Style Spot: In conversation

By EMN Updated: Mar 01, 2016 9:14 pm

Bendang Jamir, a young and promising fashion entrepreneur from Dimapur now based in Delhi is the brainchild of “Bevura” a brand that specialises in contemporary menswear.
Following his passion to make it big in the fashion industry, Bendang did his internship with renowned fashion brand ZARA inditex. His designs can found be found at Fusion store Hotel Acacia Dimapur, Gravity Store at Kohima and Wokha, Hub Store at Kohima, Set store Dimapur and site.
Bevura is not just a label but the fruit of Bendang’s optimistic nature. In a chit chat with Style Spot, Bendang recants his journey so far and describes where he hopes to see himself in the future.

EASTERN MIRROR: What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?
BENDANG JAMIR: From my earlier days I had the passion to start an independent business establishment in the fashion industry. I came to Delhi to study my MBA (Sales, marketing and retail management) and after the completion of my studies I joined Zara Inditex for my internship. Fortunately, I had the privileged of knowing a renowned Indian fashion designer who was a mentor of sorts and with his advice and guidance I learned more about the core fashion industry. During my association with him I started my own label Bevura in the year 2012 along with business associates.

EASTERN MIRROR: Talk us through the creation of “Bevura”.
BENDANG JAMIR: Bevura is a segmentation of two words “Be” and “Bravura” which means “be elegant or outstanding”. The Brand was developed and launched as a contemporary men’s wear. Over the years, seeing the overwhelming response from our fans and esteemed customers, the Brand has now started displaying comprehensive collection of men’s wear and we are planning to introduce ladies wear in our product portfolio in the next coming months.

EASTERN MIRROR: What inspires your collections and what concepts do you keep in mind?
BENDANG JAMIR: For my collection I get inspiration from people around and refer to social media to understand the season’s trends. I focus mainly in ready to wear and do bespoke according to the demands in the market. But at the end of the day, I try to focus more on my clientele satisfaction.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about fashion since starting Bevura?
BENDANG JAMIR: The most interesting thing I have learned about fashion since starting Bevura is that fashion is just for a season but style remains forever. I believe and make my collection simple yet elegant and stylish. As Chanel says” fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it’. I believe in how comfortable and confident you are in what you wear.

EASTERN MIRROR: How do you describe your personal fashion and style?
BENDANG JAMIR: My style statement is being simple, elegant and being comfortable in what I wear.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for you professionally?
BENDANG JAMIR: We are planning to open a boutique in Dimapur shortly. In the meantime you can get hold of Bevura collection at Fusion store hotel acacia Dimapur, Gravity Store at Kohima and Wokha, Hub Store at Kohima, Set store Dimapur and site.

By EMN Updated: Mar 01, 2016 9:14:30 pm
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