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Style Spot: In conversation with VetaHuprem

By Temshinaro Updated: May 24, 2016 10:22 pm

Meet Kohima-based Veta Huprem, a talented designer who has been passionately working behind the scene with his first love ‘leather’. A dedicated fan of Leather products, workaholic Veta turned his fondness for the material into his profession. He is a self trained and self made entrepreneur.
Get to know more about Veta Huprem and learn how his love for leather and creativity has brought him to where he is today …

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about yourself and your work.
VETA HUPREM: I am a self trained Leather crazed Workaholic VETA HUPREM, native of Phusachodu Village. Did my high school at Govt. High School Kohima and further moved to Bombay and Pune to explore business opportunities. I am the youngest among four siblings.
I’m enthusiastic and love different trades, but am especially concentrated on leather works now. Currently located at Kohima, creating all kinds of leather products like leather Sandal, bags, wallet, belt, bracelet, guitar strap, camera strap, lap case, mobile case and such other related items based on demand.

EASTERN MIRROR: When did you realize you really had an attraction for leather?
VETA HUPREM: It was way back in 2004 when I was at Pune and one of my friends brought a pair of sandals at the cost of Rs. 2200/- to which I reacted!! Why was the item’s price this much? For the product was not worth it. Henceforth, I purchased some raw materials and made some designs of my own for my personal use. Seeing these few products, my friends started to inquire about the products and having learnt that I was doing it myself ….. Orders started.

EASTERN MIRROR: Where are the materials from? Tell us about the sustainable nature of the leather you work with and your work process.
VETA HUPREM: As stated above, I was once jammed in the traffic of trade’s optional choice but in 2010 having received pleasant comments and appreciation, along with orders from customers, I thought wow! Leather goods are working. Earlier I was into textile products but since then leather goods became the center of attraction for me.

EASTERN MIRROR: Who or what inspires you? Why?
VETA HUPREM: Currently materials are usually procured from Calcutta which is of good quality with no customer complaints so far. I am looking forward to explore more varieties of materials in other cities soon.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are some of the defining characteristics of leather products?
VETA HUPREM: •Leather goods are durable due to high tensile strength and tear resistant, yet flexible and comfortable.
•Leather is a good insulator and is ideal for cold weather.
•Leather has high resistance capacity to heat/flame.
•Leather goods are highly fashionable and it gives confidence to the consumers.

EASTERN MIRROR: How well can leather products be maintained?
VETA HUPREM: •Clean leather goods continuously or as and when required.
•In hot dry climate, use leather conditioners weekly.
•Use leather cleaners or stain repellent products for protection from stains.
•Waterproofing products may be used to protect it from getting wet and wearing out.
•Use Silica crystals to absorb moisture
•Leather product cleaning kit should be procured for proper maintenance.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for you professionally?
VETA HUPREM: In the near future, I want to have my own brand name. Currently I am not doing mass production but am doc using on order based production only, however some products are sent outside the state for product promotion. I am striving to incorporate Naga traditional touch into my products to expose and popularize Naga traditional items to the outside world.

By Temshinaro Updated: May 24, 2016 10:22:36 pm
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