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Style Spot: In conversation with Talien and Talitemjen (PAWF)

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2016 11:26 pm
Talien and Talitemjen
Talien and Talitemjen

Talien and Talitemjen are the brains behind ‘PAWF’ (Performing Arts with Fitness). the duo have started a new trend, making every one in the state move their feet and work towards living a healthier lifestyle. When one does not have a healthy lifestyle what is the point of looking gorgeous/handsome?
Talien and Talitemjen chats with Style Spot about how to get your health insured as ‘Health is Wealth’
EASTERN MIRROR: How did Talien and Talitemjen come together and how did the thought of bringing PAWF to existence occur to you? What was your main motive?

Talien: We both are strong believer of Positive Energy that no matter, regardless how far we wonder off, if something is meant to happen in our life it will always gravitate back or it will always gravitate together and therefore basing on this context we can say that PAWF was meant to happen. We met over a Salsa dance class (we laugh out loud now when we think about it). It so happened that instead of the class we were discussing and sharing ideas which were almost similar from all the angels. Before we start we were discouraged over and over again yet that didn’t stop us.

CRT: I was looking for something creative and innovative related to my work line in Nagaland. It keeps growing and over no time we had so much to do. We put lots of Time and Energy putting together PAWF. Of all what keeps us going was the absolute positive feedback we got from many good people like Sinai Ministry starting from the Director himself Wabang. S. Longchari, Pastor. Robert Kikon (Soaking and Healin ), Our DABA youth Director Imnatoshi, Pastor. Akho Punyu – Word to the World Church and the list will just go on and on. Today we are standing tall with the rock foundation of good feedbacks and word of mouth.

Talien: Within a short period of time we came up with PAWF and today we could proudly say that this is the best thing that had happened to us. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step in our life.

CRT: PAWF stands Performing Arts with Fitness. Our motto is “The power of Universal Energy; ZDM²”. Meaning of ZDM² – Zumba fitness, Dance and Martial Arts with Music. As of now we aim mainly for GX (group exercise) like Zumba Fitness, Dance Fitness and Martial Arts however our Program also includes Creative Choreographies, Mentoring and Events as well.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is the size of your team? Give us a background on PAWF operating system.

Talien: PAWF is a group of people solely dedicated to bring about something different and break the orthodox stereotype system of life style in Nagaland. Our team is headed by CRT and me. We have production team headed by Akum.Den (AD Production) plus PR and medical team. We also consider all the clients as our member because of their unconditional Love and support for us.

EASTERN MIRROR: Introducing new and innovative steps is not easy. How do you keep updated with yourself and what concepts do you incorporate in your choreography?

CRT: Our hearts pumps for Innovation and creative chorography. We have molded our career around our lifestyle and therefore it’s always fun for us. On the other hand we also know that Nagaland is a land of creative people and only the strongest will survive in the market. We are in competition with no one; we are simply trying to be better and more creative than yesterday. On top we get support from our head office from Florida to add more flavors in our choreographies. All our moves are designed, altered and tailor made to produce a fun and effective work out session.

EASTERN MIRROR: Naga society is still narrow-minded towards dance. What are/is the challenges you face to advocate dance in the state?

Talien: This ride is not easy. There are many repairing and fixing to do however we wouldn’t say our society is narrow-minded towards dance these days because we could see many of young creative dancers around the corners and their family support as well. We are living in a generation where younger ones know exactly what they want and lucky for us that we have many likeminded people around us which acts as a power source. The one and only biggest challenge we face is the consistence issue. Our People gave up too easy and before knowing the benefits.

EASTERN MIRROR: Fashion has already taken our state by storm and though Naga’s love to dance it is still yet to create an impact. How well can both the two go together?

CRT : Both Fashion and dancing industry has many things in common, Like in Fashion world we have countless fashion and it is always in the process of making and creating new ones under one roof, likewise dancing is also about suiting and creating new patterns and always on the run for something new with different dance forms . Naga’s are born with absolute great dressing sense and therefore it took no time for the Fashion to take our state by storm however Dancing is a form which all people in general cannot do it as it needs a lot of practice and passions. But if we look at our fore tales and forefathers we are always dancing and mere making is in our blood. It is just that we need a little push in our modern dance.
Dancing is also about creative fashion, your own unique style combination. Being a dancer all throughout my life I could remember my rebellious style pattern and how well I should carry that. Fashion is also about feeling good about yourself and dancing is the same way …it about expression and therefore it all comes down to how comfortable you are in your skin and how well you could carry it.

Talien: Fashion is about…you could wear the same tee shirt which everyone wears but in your unique way and should be interesting enough for people to imitate you. Dancing on the other hand is center of attraction (lol).
We wear different fashion in different occasion likewise we dance using different forms in different occasions. Where there is dance, there is fashion intact in itself. Different attire and different customs to be worn and therefore dancers are very trendy and can pull off any fashion with right attitude.
We Naga’s are quick learners. We are born to move and are mere makers however we need little push. Our society is way better now and we have upgraded individuals now. Since Fashion is already born, dancing is our next step generation which is going to take Nagaland by storm soon, and we will be ready for that to come soon…(lol)

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you think is the USP of PAWF?

CRT: Our unique selling point is Motivation. We believe it all start within us. We try to see very differently and break all our egos. Yes we have our weakness but we try to point that out and put it across the table before anybody points us. I deal with her and She deals with me (lol)….and together we take out the best deals. It’s all a total package and therefore we shuffle, filter and take out the best in each other and we put it out to the world. I guess this is one of our strongest qualities which make us upbeat all the time. Apart from the nagging and eating each other’s brain it is us who try to motivate each other every day as we are the immediate two. Only then we will be able to motivate our clients. We read a lot which helps us equipped with knowledge plus when things get complicated we do a lot of meditation. Another most important USP is… (Prayer) We have powerful prayer team who always remains us that Kneeling conquers the kingdom. We have International team who sent us updated FITNESS Choreography every month which makes us learn and help us to become more creative in our services and help us to be different from everyone.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for PAWF? Message for our readers…

CRT: We have more upcoming trainings. In order to upgrade more we are consistently training. We have more international certification worldwide in our pipeline which we need to attend to become stronger and more equipped in our profiles. Our next project is to attend more of Male clients as we are little reluctant for the dance in general. We are aiming to break the general stereotype concept of girlish workout, and in order to change the concept we are coming up with more martial art fitness, combat fitness and many more. In two years down the line we should have a fitter Nagaland.

Talien: We are consistently working on providing opportunities and Jobs to our younger generation too. Some more events are under process which we are working hard. For future we would love to own our own product line as well which will help us to reach out and give employments.

Message from PAWF TEAM

Our generation is way too fast and better in many ways. Our advice to them would be stay real and be consistent in whatever you choose. Being fitness instructor our humble request is, if you are joining any fitness class kindly make sure that your instructor is certified for your over all safety as we are dealing with your body and your health which matter the most.
For our younger generation let’s all try to stand on our own ground and on our own feet. Stop depending. Learn as much as possible when it is your time, there will be a time for you to apply those which will make you unstoppable. Start encouraging one another and start appreciating things. Our body is our Church, our Temple, our Gurudwara, and Our Mosque. Our body is the small place where we have to live our entire life and therefore start loving yourselves more than ever. The worship begins where our heart and mind lives together peacefully and these two phenomenal activities help us define who we are. If we are Healthy enough we will be able to worship better, reach out better, inspire better, teach better and Work better. Be someone who motivates people and be an inspirational source of Energy. Change is risky but it is good as it leads to growth. Try to feed the community with good energy and give out positive energy and it will definitely come back to you as it is the law of energy. At PAWF we work you out, makes you forget stress, give you positive energy and make your productivity increase and therefore don’t forget to get in touch with us and we will try to tailor made your fitness goal. Visit our website for further information and update and you can also visit our official page in FB which is under “PAWF Dimapur”. Thank you all for all your support and wishes. Stay safe and healthy. Love and peace.

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2016 11:26:16 pm
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