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Style Spot: In conversation with Opang Jamir

By EMN Updated: Mar 29, 2016 8:33 pm

Young, charming and honest – Opang Jamir (OJ)won the 2012 Mr. India International pageant and has since then, been a successful model who has walked for major Indian designers. Style Spot caught up with OJ and getting candid with Style Spot OJ talks us through his not so sweet to sweet moments of his career.

EASTERN MIRROR: As a model from Nagaland, how easy or difficult is it for a model to get both national and international exposure? Are pageants an important platform to break through?
Opang Jamir (OJ): Let me start by saying this, any creative jobs initially is very tough, I had a hard time to convince my family and I needed time to focus on my career. I started modeling quite early at 16 when I did my first designer show in 2008 while l studying in class-11 at Model Higher Secondary School Mokokchung.
I then went on to participate at Mr Teen Contest held at New Delhi where I got my first National recognition Mister Earth India 2011, I was 19 that time. The following year I went on to contest at the Mister International Contest held at Bangkok Thailand, and since I was the first Model from Nagaland and Northeast to Participate in an International Pageant I didn’t had much preparations and knowledge. What I had was just 12 exclusive designer wear made by designer friend Rosou Rhi (Ace designer faculty at Global Open University) and some casual wear.
The whole time at Bangkok Thailand was a learning process and “to think out of the box” as I got to learn so much from my fellow contestants and I shared my room with Mister Korea (Doyeop Kim) with whom I am still in touch. There I learn how to do my basic make-up and hair styling otherwise I would depend on the professional stylist. Participating at the 1st International pageant candidate I faced a lot of pressure otherwise it was lot of fun and good experience. After my pageant I got platforms at Mumbai but I wanted to do something good in Dimapur so I stayed back for nearly 2 years and started my own Grooming & Training agency now I moved back to Mumbai. Pageants are a good break if we take them with our positive streak.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the hurdles you have faced? How have you handled it?
OJ: There were so many things firstly I was discriminated and bullied at schools for not having a father as I lost my father to cancer in 1996 when I was 5 yr. I had to cope with the lost and then focus on my studies since I was my “daddy’s little boy” with whom I shared a great bond. I lost my self-esteem and I didn’t make many friends during school days by the trauma and discrimination I faced. Through modeling I had gain my self-esteem and today I’m a strong person.
Secondly none of my family is from Showbiz world except my elder sister who was Miss Mokokchung 1st runner-up 2007 so I am choosing the right people and team to work with so that I expand my horizon and work on professionally. As my work needs constant support and positive people, it’s not about who’s who but then it is about dedication and determination.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the best and not-so-best thing about being a male model?
OJ: Well the best thing is that you get to travel and meet so many people from various background, stay in the best hotels, get your hair and make-up done from the best stylist of the Industry (hehehe).
The not so best thing being a male model is that you don’t get much designer wear as many designers does women clothing than men so by the end of the day you get less payments which I think is not fair. But I feel that in order to be a versatile designer you need to do both men and women clothing not just focusing on one otherwise it is not sensible.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do we also see an actor in Opang? If yes, do you think with a distinct feature you will be able to grab the role you desire to play?
OJ: Yes I see myself as an Actor and a talk show host, I want to play a character which implies realistic and more conviction. If given an opportunity I really want to host a talk show where I bring in talents and people of various background/greed/gender etc under one platform and let the world hear their story and make people understand. My admiration of talk show hosting started with Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.

EASTERN MIRROR: Talking about roles, what kind of characters do you desire to play?
OJ: I can play any role if I am given proper assistance as I am still an infant in the Industry, I want to play character which can be a driven force beyond my personality like more of Thriller, Action, Drama, Romance and comedy. Jude law the British Actor is one I look up to and I wish to play the similar character of him.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your personal style?
OJ: My personal style is very simple I go for Street fashion mostly, since I am young I don’t want to go for dapper and classy look now as I don’t want to look like I am in my 50’s hehehe …I play with mixed match choice of clothes from any brand which is affordable and easy to carry on. I am very particular of color I don’t go for very light or deep and soft color I like more of mild colors …. Since I get headache with colors at times hahaha.

EASTERN MIRROR: What assignment or project are you involved in currently?
OJ: As of now I’m into casting and look test here in Mumbai. Lakme Fashion Week Summer resort is about to being and after modeling assignments in New Delhi by 15th April followed by Fashion week in Assam by Mid-May, another Fashion show in Taj Hotels by June 24th in Mumbai and I am also signing a film from a mainstream big production house within this year where I will play a major role.

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