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Style Spot: In conversation with Gloria Ovung

By EMN Updated: May 17, 2016 8:44 pm

Style Spot brings you Gloria Ovung an aesthetic designer immensely inspired by rich traditional attire. Gloria’s interests developed as a kid, who instead of playing with her dolls would spend time knitting and designing clothes for them. Designing came naturally to her. Read on to find out more about the budding designer!

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about yourself. What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
GLORIA OVUNG: I’m at the initial stage of my designing career. Designing for me is an innovation and it’s a gift from God. I was inspired by the rich traditional attires of our Naga tribes. My greatest inspiration for designing has always been the rich traditional attires of the Nagas.

EASTERN MIRROR: What does your current fashion work focus on?
GLORIA OVUNG: I always wanted to do things of my own. I have always been an aesthetic person, very picky about details and I wanted to translate it into my designs; I make sure that my work has an ethnic touch which has always inspired me.

EASTERN MIRROR:  What concept did you keep in mind while working on your pieces?
GLORIA OVUNG: The concept that I always have in my mind while working on my piece is to come up with some elegant, dynamic designs at the same time reasonably priced, so that people can appreciate and would not mind sparing time to go through my collections.

EASTERN MIRROR:  Nagas are known for fashion. But what is the common fashion blunder that we make?
GLORIA OVUNG: Nagas are no doubt fashion lovers. When it comes to dressing, we are always a step ahead and follow the latest trends.  I will not talk on the fashion blunder but I would like to say that our designer’s start imitating western designs and let go of their creativity and originality. This is how we often fail to make a name of our own in the fashion industry. Fashion has been mostly followed as business and not as a passion; this is why we remain stagnant and fail to make it big.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you find the most challenging part about working in the fashion industry especially in Nagaland? What changes/ development would you like to see?
GLORIA OVUNG: The most challenging part about working in the fashion industry in Nagaland is the stiff competition from the increasing number of designers and to cope with opinion related problems. People usually have very low impressions about those who are engaged in this profession. I would like to see a proper fashion industry to promote local designers and a positive change in our approach and thinking.
The fashion scenario in Nagaland is very advanced. Nagas are trend lovers and many opting a career in fashion designing. There are many talented Nagas who are already working at international level. So designing can be unperturbedly chosen as a career now.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for you professionally?
GLORIA OVUNG: I can’t say what’s next for me. Let’s see what the future brings forth.  Currently I’m working optimistically on my designs and I hope it will help me take a step forward to create a niche for myself.


By EMN Updated: May 17, 2016 8:44:12 pm
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