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Style Spot: In conversation with Esther Natso

By EMN Updated: Jun 01, 2016 12:47 am

Esther Natso former Miss Nagaland 2009 is a personification of gracious and graceful lady and it is no wonder why she was crowned the Miss Nagaland. Since her win Esther has been ruling the ramp and is not a new face in the showbiz industry. A sought after model by designers to walk for their collections, Esther says she is living the dreams of many girls.
Style Spot caught up with Esther and getting candid with Style Spot the former beauty queen and ramp ruler talks us through her exciting career as a model and the challenges of Naga designers and models.

EASTERN MIRROR: How did you get into modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do or did it just kind of happen after your Miss Nagaland 2009 title?
ESTHER NATSO: Well…. it all began after the Miss Nagaland 2009 title, though it was not something I’ve always wanted to do yet I am loving whatever has come in my way and life because somewhere I am living the dream of many of the girls out there.

EASTERN MIRROR: Six years have passed by since you were crowned Miss Nagaland 2009. What have you been up to?
ESTHER NATSO: It happened when I was very young so I busy with my studies……recently I finished my post graduation and now hopeful for a job……(hehe)

EASTERN MIRROR: What was your biggest opportunity in your modeling career?
ESTHER NATSO: The biggest opportunity that came my way will be an advertisement contract with the Tragopan Company based in Guwahati…. It was a good opportunity for me and yes I got recognition as well after all my hard works and dedication.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you love about modeling? What motivates you?
ESTHER NATSO: Everything- from the cloths, make-up, the buzz, the laughter’s behind backstage, the cameras attention, the ramp and of course the music… The fact that I stand and face the crowd, keeps me all pumped up and motivated.

EASTERN MIRROR: What the most important thing that you have learned from the industry?
ESTHER NATSO: One thing I have learnt is that you learn and grow better by age.

EASTERN MIRROR: How would u define your style? What’s one thing in your wardrobe you would never throw away?
ESTHER NATSO: I can go about wearing anything but yes I keep it Simple always….. It would have to be my white T-shirt..(always comes in handy).

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you find the most challenging part about working in the fashion industry especially here in Nagaland? What changes/ development would you like to see?
ESTHER NATSO: We have so much of talents here.. The designer’s…..…models but yes people opt mostly for western trends and branded clothes and not much interested in ethnic fashion which can be quite challenging for the designers and also yes as a model, oh my! People’s concept of models and fashion shows, it is really very very sad… hoping to see lots of many young talents coming up and also more of Naga designers work being recognized instead of rushing for market goods.

By EMN Updated: Jun 01, 2016 12:47:10 am
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