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Style Spot: In conversation with Kenei Rhakho

By EMN Updated: Apr 26, 2016 10:12 pm

Kenei Rakho modelling journey began when she participated at the 2012 Miss Dimapur, she has since won the 6th Angels Mega Model Hunt organized by Get Gorgeous Society Nagaland has made a mark in various prestigious platforms such as Miss Northeast, Northeast diva to a name a few.
Groomed by renowned personalities in the like of Marc Robinson, Navneet Kaur and Alecia, Kenei wishes to channel her experience and knowledge to inspire aspiring models and act as a catalysing force in their careers.

EASTERN MIRROR: Can you tell us about how you started your modeling career?
Kenei Rhakho: Well this is long story……it all started when I first participated for Miss Dimapur 2012…..
Tomboyish since childhood….. Thought I should gain some experience at first then realized, every test in our life makes us or break us… The very (infamous) bikini photo shoot I should say was very challenging…which I would say also gave great impact to my life…. I decided to stand against all odds to achieve my passion. My first ever mentor Miranda Jamir president of EGON helped me in every possible way to provide me greater platforms like Miss Nagaland etc…..she has been my pillar and has helped me reach where I am today and, I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you love the most about being a model?
Kenei Rhakho: Through my experience doing shows, walking down ramps….. I get to enjoy my favorite hobby of travelling, wearing new clothes as a woman (hahaha), meeting new people and yes taking down the runway with poise like the world is yours, which is the greatest feeling ever.

EASTERN MIRROR: From all the shows you have participated till today, which has been the most eye opening for you? Why?
Kenei Rhakho: I will say all of the shows because every experience from all those pageants made me the person I am today…..I say bad experiences are more challenging, though nothing terrible has happened to me during shows in fact I never returned empty handed from any pageants by God grace.

EASTERN MIRROR: Whats the most important thing that you have learned as a model?
Kenei Rhakho: Literally I have learned to stay very strong and humble……..Because eventually you are going be alone no matter how many people you are surrounded with.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your favorite thing to do when not working?
Kenei Rhakho: Well I love to keep myself busy with one thing or the other. But yes other than keeping myself busy, I gorge on junk food hehehe.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for you?
Kenei Rhakho: I have this aspiration where I want to inspire and aid young aspiring models in Nagaland….I cannot do very big alone but I really hope someday it happens that our girls are making their livelihood through this profession just like professional models from other states and view it as a serious profession.
Pageant organizers like those at Miss Dimapur or Get Gorgeous Angel Hunt, etc are working very hard…
I try to extend my hand with the organizers whenever they ask me for my help and contribute in every little way possible. It is high time we help each other and grow together, especially in this industry.

By EMN Updated: Apr 26, 2016 10:12:01 pm
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