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Sacrifices of police personnel should be lauded, says Patton

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Oct 21, 2021 10:49 pm
Nagaland Police Dog Squad saluting the fallen heroes on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day in Kohima on Thursday. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Oct. 21 (EMN):
Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister Y Patton on Thursday said the police play an important role of safeguarding the basic rights of citizens, like the right to protection of life and personal liberty, which forms the basis of a welfare state.

He was addressing the Police Commemoration Day at New Police Reserve, Tennis Court, Phesama, in Kohima.

He stated that the police are the strongest executive arm on which a democratic government relies on in delivering services to its people, adding that ‘it is the ever visible face of governance’.

Patton, who also holds the Home portfolio, recalled how 10 brave policemen in Aksai-Chin area of Ladakh were killed by a very large contingent of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 1959, making the supreme sacrifice, while saluting their valour and dedication.

He maintained that the armed forces are always lauded for their bravery and personal sacrifices but bravery and sacrifices of policemen and women required to be highlighted equally.

“While armed forces defend the nation against external aggression, the police protect us against forces aiming to destabilise the country internally,” he said.

He lauded the police stating that they sacrifice their family and social lives and holidays to ensure that the society is safe and combat anti-social elements, terrorist and disruptive forces that threaten to tear the nation from inside on a daily basis and sacrifice their lives on the line of duty.

“The sacrifice of a human life is the supreme sacrifice,” he said.

Y Patton laying a wreath on a cenotaph on Police Commemoration Day in Kohima on Thursday. (EM Images)

“As the Home Minister of the state, I am proud to state that Nagaland Police is performing their role very well,” he added.

Further, he asserted that Nagaland Police personnel along with medical workers have been at the forefront of the government’s efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 in the state ever since the beginning of the pandemic.

“I laud the efforts of police men and women in our state who performed lockdown duties efficiently despite immense stress and strain. As SOPs were formulated by the state, they were made effective through tireless efforts of frontline workers. When the state ran out of quarantine centres in the wake of repatriated Nagas from mainland India, Nagaland Police provided much needed facilities and managed the same with great success,” he said.

He stated that during pandemic, Nagaland police stepped beyond conventional ‘law and order’ approach and took on a new role as public health messengers and service providers. He asserted that the government has always been acknowledging their services and stood by them.

“It has been prerogative of this government to ensure privileges and welfare of police men and women of the state and in this light government has declared ex-gratia of INR 10 lakh each for every policemen and policewomen who lost their lives due to Covid-19 while on active duty during the pandemic.

“We realise that ex-gratia cannot be a compensation for a life lost, it cannot bring back anyone. It is but a humble acknowledgement of the present government for invaluable service received and an expression of gratitude on behalf of citizens of Nagaland. We mourn their loss; we share the pain and vacuum they leave behind for their loved ones. But, we also take pride in the dedication shown in the supreme sacrifice made by them,” he shared.

Police personnel at Khuzama to be awarded

Patton also lauded the police personnel at the narcotic checkpoint in Khuzama for the recent seizure of smuggled gold worth INR 22.78 crore, the largest seizure in the state so far.

He commended the exemplary sincerity, honesty and dedication exhibited in discharging their duty. He said that the government is working to give due recognition and awards to these personnel.

He also called upon all policemen and women to emulate the ideals of the fallen heroes to ensure prevalence of peace, tranquility and progress in the society and also urged all personnel of Nagaland Police to continue upholding its motto ‘Security, Service and Sacrifice’.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Police (DGP) T John Longkumer spoke about the inception of the Police Commemoration Day, which dates back to a historical event that changed the perception on the sacrifices made by policemen.

“On this day the October 21 in 1959 a CRPF mobile patrolling party led by DCIO Karam Singh was ambushed in Aksai—Chin area of Ladakh by overwhelming numbers of Chinese troops,10 were killed and rest taken prisoners,” he shared.

The state police chief said the dead bodies of the deceased were handed over by the Chinese on November 13, 1959 and cremated at 8 am on November 14 at Hot Springs, located at an altitude of 1600 feet in Ladakh. It was in 1960, the Heads of Police of all states of India decided in a conference to observe October 21 as a Police Commemoration Day throughout India, he added.

“On this day, we remember the sacrifice of not only those killed in Ladakh, but of all other Policemen killed in the line of duty every year,” said the DGP Nagaland.

He informed that this year, 377 policemen all over India sacrificed their valuable lives while protecting the integrity and security of the country.

“We pay our respects to these valiant police personnel. We also pay homage to the policemen and policewomen who have succumbed to the invisible enemy, the coronavirus, while fighting on the frontlines regulating crowds and enforcing lockdowns. We also especially acknowledge the sacrifice and contribution of the 14 brave heart Covid martyrs of Nagaland Police,” he said.

He also acknowledged the support extended by Patton and the Nagaland government to the Police department and significantly for declaration of ex-gratia to all Nagaland police personnel who died on active duty from Covid. He said this gesture would forever be remembered.

He also expressed gratitude on behalf of the Nagaland Police for the faith reposed on them to set up the 1500-bedded quarantine centre at Ganeshnagar in Dimapur also the largest quarantine centre in the state. He added that the 100-bedded Covid hospital is also nearing completion, while the oxygen plant has been installed.

The DGP also acknowledged and appreciated the untiring efforts of every Nagaland Police personnel during the pandemic besides maintaining law and order, enforced Covid SOPS, maintained supply chains of essential commodities and medicines but also made Community Oriented Police Service (COPS) a reality in Nagaland.

“Today is not merely a day of mourning but a day of celebrating the spirit of selfless sacrifice of the policemen and women who have become immortal through their deeds. Let us renew our pledge to Serve our people, secure and maintain the integrity of our Nation and make the sacrifice when needed,” he shared.

On the occasion, the roll of honour including the fourteen Covid martyrs of Nagaland Police was read out and ex-gratia was handed over to the family members.

Wreaths were also laid on the cenotaph by Dy CM and ministers and advisors Tongpang Ozukum, V Kashiho Sangtam, Kazheto Kinimi, H Haiying, Dr. Longrineken and Pukhayi Sumi; DGP Longkumer and host of other police officers.

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