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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Yanger Imchen

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Aug 02, 2018 9:52 pm


Yanger Imchen
Gospel artist from Nagaland Yanger Imchen

Yanger Imchen is a self-taught Christian artist who has been in the local music scene for more than a decade. It was only recently though that he released a debut single “Fly,” officially announcing himself in the state’s musical hubris.
Imchen found a love and passion for music when he committed his life to the Lord. The artist channels his love for God through music.
In today’s Rhythm of Love the Christian artist takes us through his musical journey as he clears people’s misconception that Christian artist do music for “fame and money”.



EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about the moment when you decided that worship was something that you wanted to do in your life?
There is no specific moment I remember, but when I first gave my life to Jesus Christ, the first thing I asked God was “I want to become a worship leader”. After just a few months I was given opportunity to lead worship in my local church. Then as I continued to do, I realised that this was where I was called to for. So I decided to be here.


EASTERN MIRROR: What life skills have you learnt from being part of a worship team?

YANGER IMCHEN: Being in a worship team has changed my life completely. First of all, I learned to keep God above everything else, I learned self-control, how to communicate with people, how to honor people around me, and so on. It has changed the course of my life.


EASTERN MIRROR: Is the music you make primarily Gospel or do you do other genres as well?

YANGER IMCHEN: I choose to stick with gospel songs and music. There are hardly even any other songs in my playlist other than Gospel music. I want to write more songs on the love of Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. Some may not agree with me but I follow this, “why seek God and listen to gospel songs only when we go through hard times and difficulties, but sing and listen to worldly songs when everything is fine?” If Jesus has done so much for me, let me also do whatever I can with the talents and gifting I have, when I am alive.


EASTERN MIRROR: You have been doing music for more than a decade. What took you long to officially come into the music scene with your debut single? Talk us through your debut single ‘Fly’.

YANGER IMCHEN: (Laughs) It’s a long story. I’ve been into Worship leading with my ministry and church for so long in different revivals, camping’s, crusades, conferences and seminars and I always longed to make my own music and videos but never had confidence in myself. It is through the encouragement of my friends and my dear ones that even this idea came up and into reality. I thank all my mentors and friends. And now I am more confident to do more.

This song “FLY” has come up with the revelation during my personal worship time, on how Jesus saved and gave me freedom. When I was lost and in a hopeless situation, He saved me and set me free from all my darkness, bondages, spiritual blindness, and through His grace placed me upon His righteous throne with Him. So When Jesus has done so much for me, how can I stay silent? His goodness and His saving grace should be heard by all. Thus this song came up.


Eastern Mirror: How is the song writing process works for you? And who are your influences?

YANGER IMCHEN: Honestly I’ve never been to any Music institute for learning music nor song writing sessions. All the songs I wrote so far came out during my personal worship time and while leading worship on the stage. I thank God for the Holy Spirit.

As for musical influences, Tali Angh is someone I look up to when it comes to the music scene in Nagaland. So pure and so committed with his calling as a Christian music artiste.


EASTERN MIRROR: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about gospel artists?

YANGER IMCHEN: That we do this for fame and money.


EASTERN MIRROR: What are some of the challenges that you face from other settings as a music artist who works with churches as well?

YANGER IMCHEN: Managing personal time with family and loved ones as I travel most of the time.


Eastern Mirror: What’s coming up for you? What are you working on now and where do you feel your music is headed?

YANGER IMCHEN: Our ministry (Sinai Ministry) is working on a Worship album, which will be coming out very soon. This album will have original songs from team members Tali Angh and Imtirenla Sayer, besides mine, too. I pray that people will love our music and songs and exalt the name of Jesus.


By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Aug 02, 2018 9:52:27 pm