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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Viho Kin

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Viho Kin of Khuzama village is an upcoming artist from Kohima who grew up performing in churches.
The artist, greatly influenced by the music of Thakro Brothers (Diethozo Thakro and Vizho Thakro) decided to take up a short vocal course under the guidance of Vizho Thakro when he was in class 10.
He believes in music as a universal language where one can reach out to people far and wide.
His debut ‘My Home’ speaks on how home feels like with the presence of true love and promises in someone.
Not only is Viho Kin a good musician but he is also a good football player who have brought laurels to his team mates on various occasions.
Eastern Mirror through ‘Rhythm of Love’ today shares an insight of the talented musician.

EASTERN MIRROR: Describe your music and your connection with music?
Viho Kin: I listen to all types of genres. It mostly depends on my mood or the phase of life that I go through which makes me want to shuffle over the genres.
I believe that music is a universal language where I can reach out to people far and wide. A special gift from God where one can use to spread the message of love and unite one another.

EASTERN MIRROR: When was the first time you performed onstage?
Viho Kin: Well, the first time I performed on stage was during my 5th standard. There was a function held in my school and that’s how I got the privilege to perform for the first time.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your influences?
Viho Kin: Like many other kids who grew up listening to international boybands, pop stars etc (western popular songs) I also learned a lot by listening to their songs infact tried to imitate them as well haha. But having said that, the point how I intrigued with music was when I started listening to the Thakro Brothers music ( Diethozo Thakro and Vizho Thakro). Listening to their music I got so influenced and decided to take a short vocal course under the guidance of Vizho Thakro when I was in my 10th Grade. That’s how my music journey began.

EASTERN MIRROR: How do you balance your music with other obligations like college exams or games?
Viho Kin: During my college days, my first priority as a student was studies then followed by sports and music which were equally important in my life. There were times when I had to play and represent some football clubs whereas on the other hand I had to perform (sing) which wasn’t easy to decide as it gets clashed on the same day as well. But I believe it’s my passion and patience that has somehow helped me to manage and adjust my time for all of it. Adding to that, I do pray to God for His guidance, knowledge and seek His blessings.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you wish to take up music as a career or you have other plans?
Viho Kin: As for now, I am still praying and trying to figure about it. But no matter what my job or career maybe, I have a strong will that I will continue to make music and sing. And so with every bit of knowledge and experience that I have, I will continue to use it in praising His name and for His glory.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you get nervous before performing? And how do you handle mistakes during a performance?
Viho Kin: Yes I do get nervous before performing. Mistakes are bound to happen at any time especially when one is nervous. And in order to get rid of my nervous breakdown here are some tips my mentor taught me to remember and put into practice before performing:

* Focus on a fixed point
* Take deep breath before you sing
* Block everyone out of mind
* Enjoy the occasion
I have worked hard to get this far and so I remind myself what I am capable of doing.

EASTERN MIRROR: Which famous musicians have you learned from?
Viho Kin: There are many musicians and singers whom I have learnt a lot from. Like Adam Levine, Eric Martin, Ed Sheeran, etc. But practically and technically speaking like I have mentioned earlier, from the grassroot level I was mentored and guided by my vocal/music teacher Vizho Thakro.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the five things you cannot live without?
Viho Kin: It will be unjust of me to answer this question considering them as things so I’d rather put it as my loved one’s who stood by me. God, Family, Friends, Music And My Vocal/music mentor Vizho Thakro.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your debut ‘My Home’ all about?
Viho Kin: My debut ‘ My Home’ talks about how Home feels like with the presence of true love and promises in someone. It all started through a conversation between me and my mentor. One day we were having a conversation about Relationships, Love and marriages and we were like why don’t we compose a love song? And that’s where we started jotting it down and here we are with the song ‘My Home’

EASTERN MIRROR: Ten years from now you wish to be….
Viho Kin: Down the line in 10 years I would like to embrace myself with a secured job and make sure I can look after myself and become an independent individual, at the same time promote and enlighten myself in the field of music.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
Viho Kin: To be honest, I don’t have a motto or any advice as such. But I do remind myself every single day that ‘ If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’. And ‘If you don’t know where you are from, you’ll never know where you are going’ .

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