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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Aug 16, 2018 9:55 pm


Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger, a student of MGM College in Dimapur, is a young musician with a number of songs written and ready for breakthrough. Although he is yet to release the songs and launch himself into the music scene, he is determined to take his passion higher. The young lad says to launch his music only when he is ready as his lack of formal education in music had been holding him back.

The excited Toshi shares with us his love for music and the expectations he has from music in Nagaland.   


EASTERN MIRROR: For readers who might not be familiar with you, can you give us a run-through about yourself, your current engagement and what got you into singing in the first place?

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: Hello, I am Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger a struggling singer, songwriter and composer. Currently I am a student of MGM College in Dimapur. I am blessed with a happy family- Dad, Mom, two younger sisters and one younger brother.

Well, I am fond of almost every music but I am mostly into acoustic music. During my early days music was just my hobby but now it has become my passion and I believe that with the support of the people around me and your kind support would help me achieve my dreams.


EASTERN MIRROR: If you could categorize your music, what genre would you identify it with?

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: If I categorise my music it would definitely be Indie as I am more into acoustic music.


EASTERN MIRROR: Being in a praise and worship team, is the music you make gospel or do you make other kinds as well?

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: I listen to almost all kinds of music excluding hard rocks. I do not make purely gospel but also other kinds of music like ballads and motivational music.


EASTERN MIRROR: What efforts do you make to learn music? 

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: As I don’t have any formal education in music, I make my own effort to get on well with my skills at home with my acoustic guitar. I am self trained but I cannot deny the fact that various YouTube guitar tutorials help me to improve more and learn more.


EASTERN MIRROR: You are yet to officially make a mark in the state’s music scene. What is keeping you from launching with your music?

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: As I’m not a professional or a trained musician, I have a long way before launching my songs. Being a student I have my own priorities and I still feel like I’m too young for it as I am only a beginner in the field of music. I have lots to learn and moreover I don’t have any guide or formal education in music. I don’t want to make any slip-up or compromise with music so I decided to get on with my music after I’m good enough and confident.


EASTERN MIRROR: What are the challenges and rewards that come from being a musician?

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: As a struggling musician I feel music is something which should not be taken lightly. So far I have managed to write 5-6 songs which include gospel, ballads and motivational songs. When it comes to writing songs my intention doesn’t only fall upon myself but also emphasise on reaching the emotions of the listeners which indeed is the toughest challenge for me. But that isn’t the only challenge. As a student I have to manage my time and schedule in such a way that I get enough time for both my academic and music. But getting back to appreciation and encouragement for my works, I realise that all the challenges that I face are worth every reward.


Eastern Mirror: How does the song writing process work for you? Do you have any influence?

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: Just like the authors and poets I feel a musician depends on the experiences and imaginations around us. Things around me influences the most, it can be anything and from anywhere. I mostly make music when I am alone at home, free from noise and other times I get distracted from siblings (laughs). All the experiences that I go through compel me to connect them with the life I live and so I bring them out in my songs.


Eastern Mirror: As a new musician name three issues that you strongly feel about the music industry in Nagaland.

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: The present music scenario of Nagaland is to a certain extent growing but we cannot ignore the limited opportunities provided to the rapid growing rate of musicians in the state. Adding to the problem some parents also play a role in pulling back the future artists because some parent are of the opinion that music will not take you to any. Another setback is the lack of facilities, but despite all these problems, if one is determined I feel he can surely achieve his/her goals.


EASTERN MIRROR: If you could collaborate with any musician from the state who would that be, and why?

Toshi Kip’s Yimchunger: There are many successful musicians in the state who I look up to. But if I get a chance to collaborate with any of them without a doubt I would go with Tsali Sangtam (Smiles). He is my brother from another mother (smiles) more like my best friend and a mentor when it comes to music .We share the same genre of music and I enjoy singing with him and I love the music that he makes. It was always a pleasure to listen to his songs and living in the same neighbourhood we enjoy sharing our time talking about music which helps me to learn more.


By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Aug 16, 2018 9:55:12 pm