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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Temsukala Lemtur

By Temshinaro Updated: May 23, 2019 11:42 pm


Stage name ‘Temsuclover’, Temsukala Lemtur is a passionate music lover and a composer who is passionate about art and its aesthetics.

Lemtur from Dimapur, who holds a graduate degree in Agriculture, plans to study further whilst also working on her music.

The young artist says unavailability of platforms is one issue that needs to be raised  as there are so many underground artists raging with passion and waiting for the doors to be opened.

Crediting Indihut for promoting local talents, Lemtur says, the internet has so much to offer but to start off locally ‘Indihut’ is the best answer.

Lemtur has recently released her song “Confessions of a Bipolar Mind” on YouTube and Indihut.

Eastern Mirror today shares an insight with Temsuclover who has so much to say about music.

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Eastern Mirror: Kindly introduce ‘Temsuclover’ as a musician to those who haven’t heard of you yet.

Temsukala Lemtur: My name is Temsukala Lemtur , from Dimapur, Nagaland. I use Temsuclover as my informal name. As a passionate hobby, I sing and write music.

I just recently released a song of mine titled “Confessions of a bipolar mind” on YouTube and Indihut.

I am fanatical about art and its aesthetics and definitely music.

I recently graduated with an agriculture degree and I plan to study further whilst continuing to make music.


Eastern Mirror: Top 5 artists that you grew up listening to.

Temsukala Lemtur: My family being musically inclined, I grew up listening to a lot of artists from the rock&roll era. Namely Mr big, The eagles, white lion, firehouse, Queen, The Beatles, Back Street Boys. And not to forget, the kings and queens of country music.

If I were to list them all out, I would definitely need a bigger page.

Even though my taste in music has changed as I grew up, I still go back and listen to them to get a piece of that nostalgia and the good music that I always enjoyed. I am a 90’s kid and most of the kids from the 90’s will totally relate to this.


Eastern Mirror: Whats the most important cause or issue that you support and wish to convey through your songs?

Temsukala Lemtur: As an indie artist, I don’t have a definite theme about the type of songs I write.  Most of the songs I have written so far are all about emotional depression and mental attachments. I write what my spirit wants me to. I guess I kinda write to comfort myself and the listeners as well because that’s what music does and should do to people.


Eastern Mirror: How do you feel you can grow as an artist?

Temsukala Lemtur: I am just a new face in the music industry. I am passionate about music and as a self learner, I had to take the long way around. I am glad I just contributed my part to the music scene in Nagaland and music in general. I wish to bring more to the table in the future.

I am learning more and more everyday without degrading myself into thinking that I won’t make it. And I seriously have no idea how I will achieve that but I am just going to continue having faith and not give up on music. Because giving up is the least of the things I have in mind.

Temsukala Lemtur


Eastern Mirror: If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Temsukala Lemtur: If I look into the Naga music scene, we have so many great artists and songwriters finally making it. And I am so proud that we are finally breaking the stereotypes that was once so empty. And if I could change one thing about the music Industry in Nagaland, it would definitely be about the unavailability of platforms and the minds of the public in general. But it is gradually improving with the newer generations, I believe. With Instagram and YouTube being one of them.

People are making a living out of music. Either by teaching, playing and selling. And maybe if we try a little harder, Music can definitely be considered as an important taboo like the NPSC exam. I don’t even remember the last time when ‘Kids for fame’ used to be a thing. In terms of music upgrades, our neighbouring state of Mizoram and Assam is way superior compared to Nagaland.  Because we Nagas are just lazy even though we have so much potential.

There are just so many underground artists raging with passion and waiting for the doors to be opened again.


Eastern Mirror: How do you feel ‘indihut’ has helped in promoting artists from within and outside the state.

Temsukala Lemtur: The first thing I wanted to do after recording my song was to upload it on indihut. Of course, we have spotify and the internet has so many sites to offer. But like they say, ‘You gotta start local first’ and Indihut is the answer. It is where the birds flock to. And I am super duper proud that Indihut provides such a big platform to all local artists. It couldn’t get any better than that.


Eastern Mirror: Top five things that you cannot live without.

Temsukala Lemtur: My headphones, my playlist, my journal, my ukulele and guitar.


Eastern Mirror: Would you prefer to be a full time or part time musician, which do you think is better? Kindly elaborate a little on your stand.

Temsukala Lemtur: I don’t stand on any one of it because at the end of the day, it’s all about the passion and the hard-work. As for me, I am definitely not a full time  musician because I am not making it big yet like Alobo Naga and other big artists. But living a life where you can do the things you love everyday sounds amazing.


Eastern Mirror: Favourite quote.

Temsukala Lemtur: “Fear cuts deeper than swords.” – Arya stark


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