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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with SOZ

By Temshinaro Updated: Dec 22, 2016 10:51 pm

Based in New Delhi, SOZ is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and a beatboxer from Mokokchung. But SOZ began his music career in a different lane. He won the “Best Drummer” title during the “All Nagaland College Level Beat Contest”, at the young age of 14 years. Eventually, his interests in music shifted to hip-hop and rap and that is where we find him today. SOZ’s musical journey is a case of adding multiple range of music to his skills and fine-tuning them along the way to produce his own sound.
His debut video ‘Life is a holiday’ featuring Nike Tan is a song that speaks about life.


Eastern Mirror: So who is SOZ? What does it mean? What is your real name and what do you do when you are not SOZ?
SOZ: Soz is that guy who tries to learn more and more in the field of music of any genre and take challenges of trying out more and new. SOZ doesn’t have an ego problem. He asks and requests people who are already in the biz for suggestions and platforms as he believes, the more you perform, the better you get.
Real name is Aso Jamir. The “SOZ” originated from “aso”, and idk how. Friends started calling by that name when we were kids.
When I’m not Soz, I like sitting at home with my computer and watch some reality shows.

Eastern Mirror: Beat boxing or rap? If you had to choose one, which one would it be?
SOZ: RAP and singing too. I feel rap talks more of what I wanna say or convey. I use beatbox as a booster. When I’m performing, rap or singing….. I give a lil’ bitta beatbox, which actually generates the energy between the crowd and me and it boosts the energy and vibe real well you know.
If I’m doing a cover song, the beatbox always gives a good twist.

Eastern Mirror: Beat boxing is slowing but surely growing in Nagaland. It is quite amazing, can anybody do it? What are the basics of beat-boxing?
fb_img_1481610726865SOZ: Recently I watched a video of a Naga kid doing the beat. Kids have killer skills nowadays. We don’t realise it but beatboxing has a gigantic scope in hiphop. Also, technology is driving the world crazy and beatboxers can make a use of it. For instance, loopstations, you can make a complete track of your own by looping your sounds and beats and sing or rap on it. You can also play along with the acoustics. You can check my acoustic beatbox videos on youtube or my fb page (soz beatz) for an idea of what I’m trying to say. Having the set of skills they have now, the kids are gonna kill it!! Utilize technology beatboxers!
Not everyone is ready to do all. You can try starting with these basic beats. Kick, hi-hat and snare. That’s how I learned.
Once you master these 3 basics, any sound from your mouth would go along with the 3 beats. And that’s music.

Eastern Mirror: What made you start beat-boxing? Your first live performance, was it a hit or a miss?
SOZ: Loneliness. When I started life in Delhi initially, I had less friends, and I mean less. My small Samsung phone was my companion. I spent time watching youtube, writing songs, etc. I was watching a beatbox video of eklips , a french beatboxer that day and it really clicked me in my head. I knew what beatbox was so I decided to try. And that was it. My first performance was in a church. I can’t say whether it was a hit or a miss, but I performed for a crowd of over 3000 which was amazing, felt great. I was still a learner thou & am till date.

Eastern Mirror: It wouldn’t be correct to focus only on your beat-boxing right? Because you rap, sing and dance as well. Your song ,”Life is a holiday” how did that come about? And an introduction of Nike, who is featured in the song.
SOZ: True but I try to create more materials for me because I know I would do it for sure when I’m performing (rap or sing).
Life is a holiday is my official debut. Me and Nike always wanted to do a song together since the first time we met. I remember that night, sipping at my place…. The idea of a song just hit us and we decided to do it. He asked me what would be the song about…he answered the question himself, “life” for all ears regardless of ages and colours. He asked me again, what does life mean to you, and I answered “holiday”. And there it was, “life is a holiday”.
Nike tan is an amazing guy first up. Super humble and always happy. He is dope lyrically. Sometimes I don’t even understand the meaning of the words he uses. His writing skill and managements are incomparable. Currently he is in the United States.
We are planning for more music together in the future.

Eastern Mirror: We heard you rap, sing and beat-box, will the dancing SOZ be unleashing itself any tiimg_20160915_000714me soon?
SOZ: As for the dance part, it’s funny. I used to have lotta moves you know lol…. But yea, I would still do it in the music videos or live performances if I get the chance.

Eastern Mirror: Top five tracks on your playlist.
Still Dre – Dr. Dre
Next Episode – Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo
Business – Eminem
Daddy’s Lambo – Yelawolf

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