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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Savage Slaughter

By Temshinaro Updated: Jan 31, 2019 11:29 pm
Savage Slaughter



Savage Slaughter is a thrash metal band based in Mokokchung. It was formed in 2017.

The band is Senti Longkumer on the vocals, Sanen Longkumer and Tongzuk Longkumer on the guitar, Chuba Longkumer on the bass and Imlinok on the drums.

Heavily influenced by classic metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Megadeth, the band was formed to enjoy playing the music they love and not to compete.

The band believes that the metal scene in Nagaland is dying, with just a handful of metal fans. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop them from playing.

So, to all the metal fans out there, metal is not dead. Savage Slaughter is here to stay with the kind of music you love to hear.

Read on to know more about this thrash metal band.


Eastern Mirror: A brief intro for metal fans who haven’t heard of you. And any set goals behind forming the band?
Savage Slaughter: We are Savage Slaughter from Mokokchung. We really don’t have any set goals behind forming the band, we just want to write and play music and hopefully in the long run it might turn to something fun. haha…

Eastern Mirror: Your influences.
Savage Slaughter: Interesting Question.!

We have lots of influences, that made us what we are today, we have some favourite bands from Heavy to Thrash Metal, but most important bands for us would be Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Megadeth. We were always blown away by the twin Guitar attack and fortunately we were able to do that in Savage Slaughter but most importantly all band members learn from each other as musicians, because we all have different ideas and tastes and we combine all the ideas and turn them into songs.

Eastern Mirror: With the growing number of talented musicians in the state, what has been your biggest challenge in the competition?
Savage Slaughter: As a band we honestly didn’t face any challenge and we didn’t start out to compete with any musicians or bands. We just want to write and play music because it’s what we all love and enjoy doing. We just think the metal scene in our state is dead and have little fans who love metal music, but it does not stop us or discourage us in any way and we will keep on doing this.!

Eastern Mirror: What is the song writing process of the band like? And who writes for the band?
Savage Slaughter: The writing of the lyrics is completely taken by our Guitarist Sanen and we are happy with what he writes and the lyrics mainly talk about life experiences.

Eastern Mirror: What is the typical genre the band plays?
Savage Slaughter: Generally, most of the musicians will consider the kind of music we play as Thrash metal or Technical Thrash Metal because we include many guitar riffs in our songs, but for sure it’s Thrash Metal.

Eastern Mirror: If given a chance to perform with a musician(s), who would you choose and why?
Savage Slaughter: If given a chance to play with a musician or a band maybe? Haha.! Well maybe we’d choose Iron Maiden because they are always cheerful playing live and it will be beyond cool to play with them.

Eastern Mirror: When was the first time Savage Slaughter took to the stage as a band? And what was the experience like?
Savage Slaughter: Sorry, we never had any stage experience playing on stage as Savage Slaughter but we are sure we will have fun if we hit the stage. Looking forward to it 😉

Eastern Mirror: Any scheduled events for this year?
Savage Slaughter: For now there is none, but currently we are working on a new song and it will be released soon via-Indihut, so stay tuned.

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