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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Ruopfukuolie Chutso

By Temshinaro Updated: Oct 25, 2018 10:10 pm
Ruopfukuolie Chutso



Ruopfukuolie Chutso is a young music artist from Dimapur. He is a member of As One, a team managed by Voice of Nagaland, a choir group from the city.  The lad participated in season-7 of India’s Got Talent, in Mumbai. He was also one of the semi-finalists of season-1 of Voice of Nagaland.

Chutso believes that competitions are fun and entertaining but hard work and dedication are required for one to reach the top.

While greatly influenced by rapper Eminem, the young artist mostly focuses on Blues and contemporary music.

His debut ‘In your hand’ is about God’s saving humanity through Jesus Christ.

Read on to know more about the artist.


Eastern Mirror: A small intro on how you actually started your musical career.

Roupfo: My musical career started when I was 15-year old. The first experience was when I sang ‘Love the way you lie’ accompanied with an acoustic guitar during my high school days which pushed me to pursue my musical career.


Eastern Mirror: Your influences.

Roupfo: Rappers especially Eminem, Jay Z and Lecrae are my greatest influencers who have immensely inspired me to be in this career.


Eastern Mirror: You seem to have participated in series of competitions both locally and nationally … What were the experiences like?

Roupfo: According to my experience, being in competitions are fun and entertaining but requires lots of hardworking and dedication. It is always good to be in the spotlight because we earn respect, love and moral support. Hence, participating in a series of competitions encouraged me to face various musical ventures.


Eastern Mirror: If given a chance to perform with a musician who would you choose and why?

Roupfo: I would obviously choose my favourite rapper ‘Eminem’ because he is a person who has been a very important role model behind nurturing me in the field of music.


Eastern Mirror:  What is your debut ‘in your hand’ all about?

Roupfo: My song ‘in your hand’ is transparently all about God’s saving act upon humanity as unveiled through Jesus Christ.


Eastern Mirror: What genre of music do you mostly focus on?

Roupfo: I listen to all kinds of music genres but I distinctly focus on ‘Blues and Contemporary’.


Eastern Mirror: Top 5 “must have” that is always with you wherever you go.

Roupfo: i) Break every chain-Tasha Cobb’s

  1. ii) Shadow of the cross-Lecrae

iii) What a beautiful name-Hillsong united

iv)This is amazing grace-Phil wickham

v)Made for worship-Planetshakers


Eastern Mirror: Favourite quote.

Roupfo: The greatest language that can be understood by everybody is ‘LOVE’.

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