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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jul 18, 2019 11:12 pm
Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo

Meet Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo the vocalist of renowned folk fusion band Purple Fusion who joined the band after it’s two-year break.

Jez is ‘studious and a geek of a person, also has a Masters Degree in Science majoring in Chemistry’, as described by her band mates. However, her passion for music was never lost even whilst studying; she was on stage at Kids for Fame, Intercollegiate Beat Contest and Hornbill Festival to name a few.

The power-packed singer and performer gets candid with Rhythm of Love. Read on to know more about Jez!


EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you were up to before joining Purple Fusion

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: Hello! I’m Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo. I’m from Dimapur. Before I joined Purple Fusion, I was pursuing my Post Graduation and was also a part of a project band called ‘The Confucius’ based in Guwahati.


EASTERN MIRROR: Why did you choose music over a prospective career with the educational qualification you have?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: Singing is my passion but I wouldn’t say I am choosing music over anything. I’m only learning to grow and I have not yet concluded in choosing my professional career. I’ll let time decide the best for me.


EASTERN MIRROR: Before joining Purple Fusion. What was your fondest memory/experience about the band?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: When I was doing my graduation in Kohima Science College Jotsoma, being a huge fan of their music, I used their popular hit song titled “Hola Ha” as my primary ringtone for over 3 years! Because of the uniqueness of their music, I even kept this as my wake-up alarm tone which irritated my roommate a lot, LOL! (I hope she sees this!)


EASTERN MIRROR: What was it about Purple Fusion that you found appealing? Who was/were the driving force/s that encouraged you to join Purple Fusion?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: The type of music they make appeals to me the most, from their many attributes that I like about Purple Fusion. My parents were my source of inspiration and driving force to join Purple Fusion.


EASTERN MIRROR: Do you feel pressured to live up to the expectations of the other members of the band?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: To be honest, it isn’t about us as individual members. We are a band and we are together in this supporting each other. The real pressure is from the audience, to sing and deliver upto their expectations while enjoying the moments.


EASTERN MIRROR: Before becoming a member of the band did you ever experience performing on stage? If so which event was it?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: Yes, I’ve performed on stage in various occasions and events. To name some: Kids for Fame, Intercollegiate Beat Contest, Hornbill Festival, World Music Festival, etc.


EASTERN MIRROR: Which artists/groups do you consider to be your influences?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: I like to experiment with different genres as an artist because it helps as a musician to develop different dynamics. That is why I have varied range of influencers such as Amy Winehouse, Joy crookes, Aurora, Jorja Smith and so on…


EASTERN MIRROR: What do you feel you can contribute to the band and the music industry in the state?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: To be honest, I’m concentrating more on how to perform and deliver my best for the band and the audience .As a budding artist I would hope to become a good influencer in folk-fusion genre for the upcoming musicians of our State.


EASTERN MIRROR: What expectations do you have from Purple Fusion?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: I do not have any personal expectations from my band mates as such. Being an already established music group and me as their newest addition, I have to live up to their standards instead. The band is my second family and we are working towards bringing folk-fusion genre with a new twist into the mainstream.


EASTERN MIRROR: Is music a full time goal or just a hobby for you?

Jez Vibeizonuo Rupreo: Like I have mentioned earlier, music is my passion and I love singing. I love listening to music. But I do not know where life would take me, so I cannot conclude anything at the moment. I’m only hoping for the best!

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jul 18, 2019 11:12:42 pm