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Monday, January 30, 2023
Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Imnasenla Aier

By Temshinaro Updated: Jul 12, 2019 12:03 am
Imnasenla Aier


Meet Imnasenla Aier, the lead actress of  the YouTube channel ‘Dreamz Unlimited’. Over the years, Aier has been entertaining people with her acting skills, playing the role of mother, friend and daughter in various videos.

Though she rose to fame through ‘Dreamz unlimited,’ her talent for singing was discovered and honed at a young age, and she credits her dad for introducing her to the wondrous world of music.

As mentioned in ‘indihut.com,’ Aier is not only a singer and an actress, but is also a dedicated social worker and a dignified church ministry servant.

Read on to know more about the talented Imnasenla Aier.


Eastern Mirror: What and who have been key influences in your musical journey?

Imnasenla Aier: My dad has been the biggest influence to me in the field of music. As early as 2 and a half years, I began to sing, imitating my dad and mumbling all the songs he taught me.



Eastern Mirror: What do you wish to convey through your songs?

Imnasenla Aier: Genuineness and hardwork.


Eastern Mirror: What inspires you the most when you pen down lyrics?

Imnasenla Aier: For me, the inspiration to write lyrics need not always be in a quiet, isolated place over a cup of coffee. I also  get chills whilst composing songs at a crowded market place,  sometimes at work and when I hear someone singing a very nice song.


Eastern Mirror: Being part of Dreamz Unlimited must be a wonderful journey. Kindly share  your experience with the team and where you think it’s heading.

Imnasenla Aier: I joined Dreamz unlimited in the year 2011 and till today, we are a good team. The majority of the actors are my childhood friends and without any hassles, we cope really well. We enjoy each other’s company and support one another in every aspect, come whatever may. We are planning for some more movie projects in the future.


Eastern Mirror: Do you prefer being singer or an actress? What suits you better?

Imnasenla Aier: Hahah… Well, I really can’t say whichever suits me better. I really love to do both. I began singing even before schooling and started acting since school.


Eastern Mirror: With experience performing nationally and internationally, what do you think is needed for the aspiring young Naga artists to compete outside the state?

Imnasenla Aier: Originality should be maintained! Spending lakhs of money on covers, singing their style and imitating their voice won’t take us far. Be consistent with your work, believe in yourself, treat your voice with love and be gentle to yourself. The rest will follow with God’s grace.


Eastern Mirror: Did you take up any formal course as a musician?

Imnasenla Aier: Yes I did. I have done my grade 8 in vocals from RSL.


Eastern Mirror: As a musician, what was the best advice ever given to you?

Imnasenla Aier: An uncle once told me, to start creating my own songs and produce an album. That was one advice which inspired me big time to have my originals.


Eastern Mirror: As a young local artist and a devoted social worker, what do you think is needed for the youths of the state to contribute towards a positive society?

Imnasenla Aier: Work ethics is one necessity which I feel should be prioritised in all sectors. Kindness and politeness are also equally important to be implemented towards building a better Nagaland.


Eastern Mirror: Favourite quote.

Imnasenla Aier: Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.


By Temshinaro Updated: Jul 12, 2019 12:03:57 am