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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Dohan Yimchunger

By Temshinaro Updated: Aug 23, 2018 10:29 pm


Dohan Yimchunger
Nagaland singer
Dohan Yimchunger of Nagaland

Dohan Yimchunger is a Bachelor’s degree student at the Salesian College of Higher Education in Dimapur. The student has a debut, a single called ‘One Day.’ He has no formal training in music, but the church has played a vital role in providing him with opportunities to hone his passion and discover his love for music. In his words, he is a struggling artist waiting for a break to leave a mark on the music industry.

In today’s Rhythm of Love, the lad talks with us about his dreams and love for music.

Eastern Mirror: How would you like to introduce yourself to those who haven’t heard about you yet?

Dohan Yimchunger: Hello everyone my name is Dohan Yimchunger, a student of Salesian College of Higher Education, Dimapur. I am a struggling artist planning to leave a mark with my music someday.

Eastern Mirror:  What is your debut ‘One Day’ all about?

Dohan Yimchunger: My debut single ‘One Day’ is all about my ups and downs and how I dream of living all the things I dreamt about. It’s about all the pain we have to go through to achieve those dreams but everything will be worth it in the end. It also encourages the listeners not to give up on their dreams and have hope and faith till the end.

Eastern Mirror: How would you describe your music?

Dohan Yimchunger: Well every time when I compose a song I prefer the music to be cleaner with not so much of rock and roll so I would describe it as acoustic pop.

 Eastern Mirror: When and where was your first stage performance? How was the experience like?

Dohan Yimchunger: Well I have been singing in groups from my early age but the first time I ever took in a solo was in 2016 it was a talent night event in our church (Yimchunger Baptist church Dimapur). Well I was so nervous but my friend who was to sing along with me was very supportive so I was able to overcome it and it was amazing.

 Eastern Mirror: Who are your favourite musician in town, and worldwide?

Dohan Yimchunger: Well my favourite musician in town is not only one but three actually, they are Dizie Sothu,Kubanglong Pamai and Tsali Sangtam not only are they talented in music but  their humble attitude has taught me a lot . And in world wide it would be Ed Sheeran his music never fail to amaze me.

Eastern Mirror: Name the top five tracks in your playlist.

Dohan Yimchunger: The top five tracks in my playlist are.

  1. How would you feel -Ed Sheeran
  2. Thunder -Imagine Dragons
  3. Not a bad thing-Justin Timberlake
  4. In case you didn’t know-Brett Young
  5. Can’t help falling in love -Elvis Presley

Eastern Mirror: What would you do to be creative?

Dohan Yimchunger: Well it started as a hobby but it turned out to be my passion so if it ever happened for me to give up my music at some point of life than for me music is much more than people think it is so I don’t have to be a successful musician to sing songs. So even if I ever stop my musical career someday I won’t stop signing.

Eastern Mirror: If you were asked to compose a song for someone, for whom would it be and why?

Dohan Yimchunger: Well I wouldn’t mention her name but it would be about one girl because she has taught me what life actually is-hard, difficult and sometimes you just want to quit but what she say with a smile on her face that it is life, if there weren’t any obstacles in life than it would not be interesting to live. So I really love her courage which I thought of writing it someday sooner.

Eastern Mirror: Give us your favourite quote!

Dohan Yimchunger: There are two quotes that I really love and look up to it. It was my friend Dizie Sothu who encouraged me with this quote “don’t leave spaces for regrets” and the other one was from one of the movie  “no dream too big and no dreamer too small” these two quote really helps me when I feel like giving up something.

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