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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Chathavi Vüprü

By Temshinaro Updated: Aug 22, 2019 10:48 pm
Chathavi Vüprü



Meet the young and talented piano prodigy, Chathavi Vüprü. He recently won the prestigious piano competition, ‘Con Brio 2019’ held in Mumbai. 

Chathavi Vüprü, who started playing  piano at a tender age of three, won the award on his second attempt.

The 19-year-old pianist says, ‘learning piano did not only help me gain a skill, but also taught me self discipline and work prioritisation.’

The artist who is at present mentored by Tatyana Dichenko says he gives piano lessons too.

Read on to know more about the gifted pianist.



Eastern Mirror: How would you like to introduce yourself to those who are new to your musical journey?

Chathavi Vüprü: Hi! My name is Chathavi Vüprü. I love playing  piano and I’m currently pursuing music. My ambition is to become a great artist who can inspire people to live their dreams. Other than playing the piano, I love reading books, playing games, watching anime and hanging out with my friends.


Eastern Mirror: What was the first chord you learnt and when was it?

Chathavi Vüprü: I really loved the piece Für Elise by Beethoven back when I first started playing the piano, which was probably the first piece I had tried to learn, so it’d be A minor.


Eastern Mirror: Your biggest inspiration behind following your dream?

Chathavi Vüprü: Back then, my mother used to play hymns on the piano at home which I always enjoyed listening to, so, naturally, I grew up wanting to play the piano as well. We also had these wonderful church services at our church, i.e. Kuda village Baptist Church, where many talented pianists of all ages would play hymns which made me want to do the same.


Eastern Mirror: Your achievements?

Chathavi Vüprü: I accompanied my school choir in the Inter-DPS choir competition and won the first prize for two consecutive years, i.e. 2015 & 2016. I bagged the 2nd runners-up in the Con Brio 2017 and was also awarded the “Audience choice” award. And this year, I won the Con Brio.


Eastern Mirror: Biggest crowd you ever played for?

Chathavi Vüprü: My biggest audience was when I accompanied the “Students of Nagaland” choir at the inaugural program of the Hornbill Festival 2018.


Eastern Mirror: Do you play any other instruments apart from piano? And do you sing too?

Chathavi Vüprü: I don’t sing but I can play a little bit of the Guitar and the Ukulele.


Eastern Mirror: Who was your first teacher? Which famous musicians have you learnt from?

Chathavi Vüprü: My first teacher was Dinai Rentta. And I have also been taught by Ezono Kithan John, Nise Meruno, Noel de la Rosa and I’m currently being mentored by Tatyana Dichenko.


Eastern Mirror: Do you teach too?

Chathavi Vüprü: Yes, sometimes I give piano lessons too.


Eastern Mirror: Who would you wish to collaborate if given an opportunity?

Chathavi Vüprü: There are just too many to pin point any of them. But I’d be more than happy to collaborate with anyone who wishes to do the same, as we are all unique artists.

By Temshinaro Updated: Aug 22, 2019 10:48:50 pm
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