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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Ato Nienu

By Temshinaro Updated: Mar 14, 2019 11:48 pm
Ato Nienu

Ato Nienu, from Kohima is an upcoming musician from the Chakhesang tribe.

Nienu, who has recently released his debut gospel album, ‘I Will Come,’ says his interest in music grew after listening to famous musicians like Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and Petra.

Nienu, who won the Hornbill Solo Competition in the year 2015, described winning as ‘heaven on earth’ moment and felt privileged.

As mentioned in indihut, Nienu’s ‘Jihovah Medo’ won the best Gospel Dialect at Nagaland Music Award in the year 2016. He is also the vocalist of gospel band ‘CADENCE.’

His album ‘I Will Come,’ is a blend of  different genres of music.

Read on to know more about the artist….


Eastern Mirror: Kindly tell us about yourself. Three words that best describe you.

Ato Nienu: I am Ato Nienu, born and brought up from Kohima, from Chakhesang tribe.

I started singing at the age of 13. Spreading the love of God through Music.

‘I love Jesus’.


Eastern Mirror: How did your interest in music start?

Ato Nienu: I started listening to Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Petra. They were my most motivational musicians who moved me to into singing and to become like them.


Eastern Mirror: Your experience on being a solo artist and a vocalist of the band ‘CADENCE’?

Ato Nienu: Playing with the band was the most interesting and lively thing to do. I enjoyed most when my band members were playing with everything they’ve got on stage.

Going solo was rather easier I should say; nothing is more convenient when you are using your own style of music and doing your own thing.


Eastern Mirror: How was the experience of winning the Hornbill Solo Competition 2015?

Ato Nienu: God has a plan for everything and nothing is more secure than to be at His side. I was just a mere boy from a small town, but I was so lucky and privileged to win the Solo Competition. It was heaven on earth, when you are loved by the most high Father.


Eastern Mirror: What’s the biggest crowd you have performed since you started singing?

Ato Nienu: According to my assumption it would be probably 10,000 people.


Eastern Mirror:  Who inspires you musically?

Ato Nienu: Growing up in Kohima town I came across a lot of rock fans and musicians who inspired or influenced me and heated up my veins, were stars like Bryan Adams, Bonjovi, Petra etc.


Eastern Mirror: Your journey in the making of your debut album, ‘I Will Come’

Ato Nienu: Back in 2014 I started to compose/write songs for my album. Initially I saw only dark shadows when I close my eyes but I prayed. And God showed me the way and made all the dark shadows into a vision of light. God helps those who help themselves.

My debut gospel album ‘I Will Come’ is a revelation from God inspired from a prayer centre when I took the initiative to start the album. Having faced a spiritual warfare and passing all the tests of time, I drew inspiration from different situations.

The album is a blend of different genres of music and has been recorded and mixed by renowned sound engineer and musician, Aseu Chadi, former guitarist of Divine Connection and Cypress.


Eastern Mirror: If you were 18 again, what would you do differently?

Ato Nienu: Haha, I wish… but nothing can change the past but don’t forget to mould your future.


Eastern Mirror: Who would you most like to meet (musician)– dead or alive?

Ato Nienu: The musicians I still love and want to meet are Bryan Adams and Ed Sheeran.


Eastern Mirror: Your greatest professional strengths?

Ato Nienu: Nothing is more fluent and flexible when the man inside encourages you all the time and makes you stronger everyday. To be precise in professional strength I should say I sing and I enjoy the most when I get lost in music.

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