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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation: Medongunuo Zumu

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jan 25, 2018 11:03 pm

Meet Medongunuo Zumu upcoming musician from Kohima whose passion for music was inspired by playing piano as a kid, and now she has released her very own debut original single “keep moving on”. Adding a feather to her cap, Zumu is also the proprietor of Eklippz hair and beauty. Beauty and wellness sector is another passion of Zumu but that has not stopped her from pursuing music.



Eastern Mirror: For those new to you and your music, talk us through your musical journey.
Medongunuo Zumu: I have always taken a keen interest in music ever since I was a kid. My interest in playing piano brought out the passion in me. However, I really started taking music seriously just few years back and now after the release of my first debut single I have this strong desire to follow my dreams.

Eastern Mirror: What inspires you ? What has been the most memorable moment for you since you made your mark in the music industry?
Medongunuo Zumu: My deep love for music inspires me to pursue my dreams and live my dreams. Of course, there are many memorable moments but if I were to choose one I’d choose the day my first single was released. It was a day of mixed emotions, of fear and of excitement; however, I was touched by the overwhelming positive response that I received.

Eastern Mirror: Tell us about your debut original single “keep moving on”.
Medongunuo Zumu: Well, on my debut single “keep moving on”, I am totally thankful and grateful to my friend Medo Kense who offered to write the lyrics and also helped me through the song making process. I absolutely loved the song from the beginning; the song speaks about following one’s dream and not giving up and no matter what comes our way and it was so relevant to me at that moment. I am also thankful to Richa production for being so patient with me out throughout the process (Ato Richa, you know what I mean).

Eastern Mirror: Apart from your passion with music, you also take an interest in the beauty and wellness sector and are the proprietor of Eklippz hair and beauty. How do you balance with both of your interest? Which profession is more rewarding?
Medongunuo Zumu: To be honest, it is not easy to balance maintaining my salon and keeping up with my interest in music, as both requires total attention and sincerity and me being a perfectionist by nature it sometimes gets overwhelming. However, with the support of my girls in the salon I have been able to follow my dreams in music sector.
I’d say both the professions are rewarding. And as both the profession has been born out of sheer interest and passion I absolutely wouldn’t choose one from the other.

Eastern Mirror: What are the challenges and rewards that come from working as a musician?
Medongunuo Zumu: For me, so far coming up with my own original lyrics has been one of my major challenges as writing song requires skill. Also, due to time constrain I’ve not been able to do so. However, I’d definitely love to write my own song someday.
Being able to meet many good musician friends who always offer me with valuable advice and suggestions whenever I needed is indeed a blessing in disguise for me, I’ll forever remain grateful to them.

Eastern Mirror: What has changed the most for you after making a mark in the music industry?
Medongunuo Zumu: Music has made me realize that there is more chance to prove myself by becoming a productive individual in my own career and life style, which I thought was not possible before.

Eastern Mirror: What’s next for you?
Medongunuo Zumu: Continue to pursue my dreams and work more to improve myself professionally.

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jan 25, 2018 11:03:57 pm