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Residents of Khuzama undertake walk on ancient path

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Dec 16, 2023 11:09 pm
Residents of Khuzama undertake walk on ancient path
Participants during the visitation of historic places in Khuzama village on Saturday. (EM images)

KHUZAMA — In an attempt to keep the tradition alive, residents of Khuzama village on Saturday undertook a walk under the banner ‘The Khuzama experience: Walking the ancient path.’

During the one hour and forty minutes walk, participants were revealed of the historic places and their meanings. It included a visit to Pucho Hibo Museum (where largest pottery collection in Nagaland are found); Thukhre Zheru (guardian of the forest); Ezakho (biggest decision making place/ a place of ritual);

Rikhoba (viewpoint to see the enemies); Khüphito (a place where devil come and hit its head); and Osa mountain (where one can see 18 villages from Manipur and Nagaland).

Prior to the walk, the project director of Task Force of Music and Arts (TaFMA), Dr. Hovithal Sothu, unveiled the monolith of “Walking the ancient path” at Khuzama community hall. Speaking at the programme, he informed that the intention of organising the event was to encourage tourism in Khuzama village.

Informing that the government is not in a position to accommodate thousands of graduates, he stated that tourism is one area to provide employment to the youths. In this regards, he encouraged the people of Khuzama to take up agriculture and tourism for employment.

“Employment generation is a slow process but if the people get involved into the entrepreneurship, it will gradually get there,” Dr. Sothu said.

Earlier, he unveiled the monolith to commemorate “Walking the ancient path.”

The formal programme was followed with visit to Pucho Hibo Museum and Thukhre Zheru (stone), guardian of wild animals preserved by Khuzama villagers.

The event host, Nunese Sale, emphasised on the historic significance of the event.

Zakiehol Lüho, the oldest person of Khuzama village, said a prayer.

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