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Monday, April 22, 2024

Pfutsero Government College hosts 41st cultural day-cum-literary day

By Leona M Shuya Updated: Mar 10, 2024 4:40 pm

DIMAPUR — Pfutsero Government College (PGC) hosted its 41st cultural day-cum-literary day on March 8 and the 9th on the theme ‘Embrace culture – elevate creativity,’ to showcase the rich heritage and creative spirit of the college.

Vitso Rio, PS to Nagaland chief minister, the guest speaker of the event, in his address, highlighted on the profound significance of embracing one’s cultural roots, which means accepting one’s roots and being proud of them, an update stated.

He emphasised on the importance of cultural pride, highlighting how it instills a sense of fulfillment and belonging. By appreciating heritage, individuals can forge a deeper connection with their identity and ancestry, honouring the struggles and triumphs of their forebears.

The principal of Pfutsero Govt. College, Dr. Tialila, in her address, underscored the significance of cultural and literary days in fostering holistic student development and reaffirming cultural connections.

Highlighting the dynamic nature of culture, the principal stressed on the need to evolve and not succumb to retrogressive cultural norms. She called upon the attendees to know “what to learn and what to unlearn at the same time.”

She urged the students to leverage their talents, contributions and knowledge to shape a peaceful and progressive cultural landscape, while also advocating for appreciation and respect for diverse cultures worldwide.

The principal noted that culture and creativity are intricately connected, with cultural expressions serving as a medium for creative endeavors and cultural values providing inspiration and context for creative pursuits.

Further, Tialila stressed the importance of creativity as a powerful force that ignites innovation, progress, and positive change, offering solutions to challenges, enriching lives, and shaping a better future. Embracing cultural roots, valuing diversity, encouraging experimentation, celebrating cultural diversity, inspiring curiosity, and nurturing passion are vital ways to foster creativity and innovation, she added.

The students of the college enthusiastically participated in a variety of traditional activities on the cultural day including war cry, war dance, winnowing and wrestling among others, while competitions ranging from debate, slam poetry, quiz, essay writing and extempore speech and song competitions were held on the literary day.

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By Leona M Shuya Updated: Mar 10, 2024 4:40:45 pm
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