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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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NSF Trophy: Liangmai FC in semis as End of an Era exit

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Oct 06, 2023 9:54 pm
A match in progress between End of Era (black jersey) and Liangmai FC at IG Stadium, Kohima, on Friday evening.  (EM Images)

KOHIMA — In a thrilling quarter-final showdown, Liangmai FC stunned End of an Era 6-2 on Friday, to sail into the semi-finals of the ongoing 23rd NSF Martyrs Memorial Trophy played at IG Stadium, Kohima.

Nyithong (7) of End of an Era scored the first goal of the match by finding the net in the 2nd minute. However, Kawijibo (17) of Liangmai FC responded swiftly, levelling the score in the 8th minute, and Lamsanggin (27) added another goal for Liangmai FC in the 39th minute.

Chaba (30) of End of an Era added excitement to the game by contributing a goal in the 77th minute to level the scoreboard.

However, Kawijibo showcased his prowess and earned a hat trick by netting two more goals in the second half, while his teammates Ningtingbo and Kenumbi added a goal each to seal the fate of End of an Era.

The ‘Man of the Match’ was conferred to Wanamthiu Ringdi by Ketholekho Kennao, vice-president of KCCI.

Football enthusiasts can anticipate another exciting clash on Saturday as United FC Piphema take on Asüfü FC at 5 pm.

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By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Oct 06, 2023 9:54:19 pm
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