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Friday, July 12, 2024

NDPP leaders highlight inclusive governance; no political alliance in ULB election

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jun 14, 2024 11:36 pm
KG Kenye, Kudecho Khamo, Nuzota Swuro, K Puro and other NDPP leaders with the party candidates at Chozuba town on Friday.

KOHIMA — With just 12 days left before the urban local body (ULB) elections in Nagaland, the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has taken its campaign trail to the Phek region, with party leaders highlighting their commitment to fair and inclusive governance.

The party held a rally at Chozuba town on Friday, during which the minister for Power and Parliamentary Affairs, KG Kenye, stressed the importance of electing councillors who would work in tandem with the ruling government.

He said that the earlier municipal act had contravened the interests of the people, hindered progress and resulted in a standstill for two decades. However, the present state government took the initiative to amend the central act and passed the new Nagaland Municipal Act 2023, paving the way for the ULB election, he maintained.

He also lauded the implementation of 33% reservation for women in the elections, which he said reflects the Naga culture of non-discrimination against women.

Kenye highlighted the importance of regional representation in the municipal council and urged the voters to choose a party that represents the interests of the Naga people and protects the rights and traditions of the people.

Stating that the Chozuba assembly constituency and Phek district are regional strongholds, he stressed the importance of maintaining this support and urged party members not to be polarised by other political parties’ interests.

NDPP stands for the people — Khamo

At the event, the advisor for CAWD and Taxes, Kudecho Khamo, asserted that the NDPP is the sole regional party that stands for the Naga people and voices their concerns.

Pointing out that the Nagaland Municipal Act 2023 was passed under the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, he urged the party candidates to uphold the trust placed on them and work diligently to secure victory.

He also highlighted the significant participation of women in the polls which will be held on June 26, with 238 women candidates contesting not only in reserved wards but also in general categories, and said that it was indicative of progress in women’s empowerment and community welfare.

“It was your dream; it was your vision, prayers, hard work, and your contribution that qualifies you to avail this prestigious ticket from a ruling party. It has value, its prestige and recognition,” he told the candidates, advising them to carry forward their visions and commitment for societal betterment.

Khamo also touched upon the recent Lok Sabha elections where the NDPP candidate lost by a huge margin. He said the defeat was not due to the NDPP’s inadequacy or electorate criticism on social media, but because of the “misdoings of some social organisations and religious factors”.

He went on to say that the state government had condemned and opposed the Assam Healing (Prevention of Evil) Practices Bill, 2024, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and Uniform Civil Code (UCC), to protect the people’s interests.

Urging the voters in Chozuba town to support candidates aligned with the ruling government to strengthen leadership, he also stressed the need for upright leaders who can facilitate development and positively change the narrative of the locality and guide youngsters towards entrepreneurship, employment and skill development.

Additionally, they should address infrastructural needs such as drainage, public toilets, marketing sheds, water and healthcare facilities, and provisions like rations for the people, he said.

Councillors should work for the grassroots, he said, while calling on the electorate not to engage in election fights based on clans or village affiliations, but to focus on electing leaders who would genuinely work for their welfare.

Kuhupoyo Puro, Vice-President of NDPP Central Election Body, told the voters that all political parties are fighting the ULB election on their own. Informing that there are no alliances this time, he urged the people not to be misled by propaganda.

Nuzota Swuro, Convenor of the ULB Election Committee for the Phek region, and N Khalo, President of the NDPP Phek Region, also spoke at the event.

A similar programme was held later in the afternoon at Pfutsero town, and a rally is scheduled for Meluri town on 15 June.

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Jun 14, 2024 11:36:03 pm
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