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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Nagaland Cabinet approves several agenda

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Feb 12, 2024 10:36 pm

KOHIMA — The Nagaland Government in its recent Cabinet meeting held on February 8 approved several agendas that include hikes of allowances for legislators, among others.

According to sources, the Cabinet had approved the proposal for revision/enhancement of salaries, allowances, and other facilities for Members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and pension for ex-Members and ex-Interim Body Members (ex-IBMs).

It has also directed the department to increase by 10%, the amount under vehicle maintenance for Members from far-flung areas, as difficult area allowance taking into account the difficulty faced by them. Further, the financial advance would be increased to INR 20 lakh per member.

It was relayed that the establishment of the Nagaland Institute of Transformation (NIoT) was approved along with the Nagaland Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Rules, 2023.

One time compensation for regularisation

In major relief to many government contract or ad-hoc employees in the state, the Cabinet has reportedly approved the policy for a one time dispensation.

Sources told Eastern Mirror, that the Cabinet discussed and approved this measure as a one-time provision applicable to all categories of employees.

It stated that the policy for regularisation of contract/ad-hoc employees proposed by the Personnel & Administrative Reforms department (P&AR) will also be applicable to the School Education department.

Notably, employees appointed prior to June 6, 2016, against sanctioned posts and who have served for 10 years or more, will benefit from this dispensation.

Meanwhile, it was disclosed that the Cabinet took a decision that all regular appointments made against sanctioned posts after P&AR department office memorandum dated September 27, 2019 and before April 22, 2020 should be reconciled and given permanent Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) number once the sanctioned vacancy is verified.

However, certain conditions have been stipulated in this regard.

Until such time, the validity of the temporary PIMS is extended till April 30,  2024 in order to resolve the issues regarding irregular and illegal appointments.

Among many other vital decisions taken, the implementation of Vehicle Location Tracking System (VLTS) as per AIS 140 Standards in public service vehicles in the state of Nagaland for Women and Child Safety under Nirbhaya Framework was also said to have been approved.

With the Tourism industry in the state and the northeast region are rising over the years, the state government was said to have approved the draft of Nagaland Tourism Policy, 2023 and will be incorporating Medical Tourism in the policy.

Eight villages recognised

The state government has also approved for the recognition of eight newly established villages. They include Chingtok Village in Longleng district; Kesangwong Village in Shamator district; Hanyuk Village in Noklak district; Chen Village in Chümoukedima district; Hokuto Village in Niuland district; Tongtiyan Village and Mmyan Village in Wokha district; and Chaoha Chingha Village in Mon district.

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By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Feb 12, 2024 10:36:00 pm
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