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Naga political issue is hampering progress of society

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Aug 02, 2022 8:28 pm
Theja Therie / EM Images

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Aug 2 (EMN):
Ruing that the negotiations on the Naga political issue have not generated any solution but only set back the progress of the society, social activist, Theja Therie, on Tuesday called the public to rise to the occasion and raise their voices.

Therie, who is also the former president of All Nagaland College Students Union (ANCSU) from 1989-90, was addressing the ANCSU 43rd Foundation day cum degree toppers’ felicitation programme held at Molu Ki, Kohima.

He pointed out that the Naga political talks have been going on for 25 years and yet, it was back to square one as people are ‘complacent, have no issue, comfortable and more active on social media.’

 He also lamented that when the time comes to rise to the occasion, many do not turn up, ‘which is very frustrating’.

“Be it Government of Nagaland, be it NSCN (IM), be it NNPG, they cannot take us for a ride; 20 years of negotiation and yet it is still in confusion,” said Therie.

He maintained that if 20 years cannot generate any solution, now is the time for the people to rise and tell, “Enough is enough”.

He asserted that if they cannot do anything out of this engagement, “Stop engaging! Stop this process, stop talking about solutions as well, wind up.”

He added that the government of India started this negotiation by inviting the political groups.

‘If you (GoI) can invite, you should also be able to close it.

 “If the Naga political groups have the guts to go and start the negotiation, you must also be able to close, hammer out what you want.  If you cannot, you must get back to your people but you cannot hang on like this forever,” he added.

He pondered how under the shadow of the peace process, ‘people can keep feeding 16 factions’ and asserted that no business is prospering.

“It is time to take a call and say ‘enough is enough’, ‘do something or leave it’, leave the whole peace process, recall it, close the process and let the people decide in what way they want to live, they deserve to decide their own destiny and their own future,” said Therie.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that the people cannot be under the shadow of somebody who cannot bring solutions for them and added that it is time for the people to come together in order to prevent themselves from ‘perishing as fools and not blame each other’.

In this regard, he asked ANCSU to be more assertive, decisive, and focused without neglecting academic pursuits. He told them to raise their voice and change society, by marching towards reality and without being confined inside the keyboard.

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Aug 02, 2022 8:28:38 pm