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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Manipur Governor Uikey inaugurates workshop on Sanamahism rites in Imphal

By Sobhapati Samom Updated: Nov 20, 2023 10:49 pm

IMPHAL — Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey inaugurated the demonstration-cum-performance classes of a 15-day workshop on ‘rites-de-passage” of Sanamahism at Lainingthou Sanamahi Sanglen in Imphal on Monday.

Addressing the gathering, the governor expressed her pride in the unique and beautiful culture, religion, and tradition of Manipur and said she has not come across such cultural richness elsewhere. So, she urged the people to hold on to their roots and further promote them to people all over the world.

Uikey was informed that the Sanamahi religion is a religious tradition prevalent among the Meitei people of Manipur. It is also known as Sanamahism and has a tradition of worshipping ancestors. It is very important to worship our ancestors, as worshipping them is expressing gratitude for their blessings, she asserted.

She stated that any community’s rituals are a reflection of its religious beliefs. She went on to say that Sanamahi religious rites such as Pokpa (birth), Luhongba (marriage), and Korou Nongaba (death) reflect the religious philosophy of Meitei Sanamahi.

She praised the Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board and Manipur Cultural University for organising workshops on Sanamahi religious rites beginning in 2022 with the goal of raising awareness about the state’s rich cultural heritage among all members of the community.

Governor Uikey also appealed to all for their cooperation in establishing the spirit of peace, harmony, brotherhood, and love in the state. She urged all not to believe in any kind of rumour but instead to cooperate with the administration and security forces, helping to make the state as prosperous and peaceful as it was before.

Meanwhile, Manipur security advisor Kuldiep Singh met with Governor Anusuiya Uikey at Raj Bhavan on Monday and briefed him on the state’s law and order situation since the outbreak of the ethnic clash on May 3.

The governor was also briefed on the security measures implemented by security forces to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur, as well as the deployment of forces in vulnerable areas, particularly in the foothill areas, to avoid unwanted incidents between communities.

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By Sobhapati Samom Updated: Nov 20, 2023 10:49:57 pm
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