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Lükhüyimi students celebrate golden jubilee

By EMN Updated: Jan 03, 2021 10:29 pm
Pükhayi Sümi unveils the golden jubilee monolith of the Lükhüyimi Kiphimi Kükhakulu.

Dimapur, Jan. 3 (EMN): The Lükhüyimi Kiphimi Kükhakulu (LKK) celebrated its golden jubilee from December 28 to the 30th with SBAK executive secretary, Nito Mount, Rev. Hukugha Jimomi as the speaker on the theme ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ (Lam. 3:23).

While expounding on the jubilee theme, Jimomi related the story of the Israelites on how they defied God’s commandment and suffered and also on King David, who overcame his enemies through his undying faithfulness towards God.

He prayed for LKK, students and the entire village for a bright future and encouraged them for renewing of their faithfulness, an update from the organisation stated.

President of Eastern Sumi Students’ Union (ESSU), Hokato Yeputhomi, delivered greetings and encouraged the students to earnestly pursue their studies.

Also speaking during the programme, the chief guest and MLA, Pükhayi Sümi, appreciated the advancement made in the field of education among the community and particularly on the increase number of students in the higher level. He also encouraged the students to venture into entrepreneurship instead of only looking forward to government jobs.

The people in hundreds including from neighbouring villages and natives who have settled in different villages and towns attended the celebration.

By EMN Updated: Jan 03, 2021 10:29:42 pm