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Kuki traditional dish- SIZOU CHANGAL MAPO

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2015 9:21 pm

Eastern Mirror with its feature ‘Good morning Nagaland’ aims to highlight all the important traditional dishes that distinct every tribe of Nagaland through their unique ways of cooking.
‘Good morning Nagaland’ also plans to highlight the different dishes of people other than Nagas who are settled in Nagaland. Furthermore ‘Good morning Nagaland’ will wrap up various unique recipes from local restaurants.
Recipes of various hot and delicious dishes are coming your way so grab you seat belts to an adventurous journey with ‘Good Morning Nagaland’ and expertise yourself in the food culture of Nagaland. With some exceptions the general and most common recipe of all tribes traditional dishes are being provided. Featuring in todays editon is one of the common dishes of the Kuki tribe of Nagaland of which they are recognized for.

INGREDIENTS (prepare accordingly to the number of people)
Meat (Chicken, Pork or beef)
Local rice
Green Chilli
Dry Yam leaf/ Eurya Acuminata

(Chop the meat finely and grind the rice to powder).
First cook the chopped meat for a while then add the rice and cook for some time with closed lid.
Open the lid; season it with dry yam leaf, green chilli, salt to taste and baking soda.
Cook them for half an hour and make sure that the rice is overcooked while stirring continuously with a wooden spoon inorder to get a proper mixture of all the ingredients.
Once the Mapo is done it is ready to serve for filling lunch/dinner.

Lhingpin Haokip , a mother of three who is also the owner and designer of ‘Eighteen Wedding Gown’ located at N.L. Road Dimapur shares with us Kuki recipe ‘Sizou Changal Mapo’.

By EMN Updated: Jun 07, 2015 9:21:09 pm