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Khamo urges to develop roadmap for positive change

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Dec 29, 2023 9:27 pm
Kudecho Khamo
Kudecho Khamo and others after unveiling the RTCSU monolith in Razeba town on Friday. (EM Images)

RAZEBA — Advisor of Civil Administrative Works Department (CAWD) and Taxes, Kudecho Khamo, on Friday asked the students and society to develop a roadmap by envisioning a future they desired for positive change.

Khamo stated this during the 25th anniversary celebration of Razeba Town Chakhesang Students’ Union (RTCSU) at Razeba local ground in Phe district. He commended the hardworking and honest culture of Razeba public and challenged the younger generation to continue upholding those virtues in this competitive world. He added that such virtues cannot be purchased by money unlike other commodities.

With RTCSU attaining 25-year milestone, he asked the union and its members to set visions for the next 25 years for the overall development and status of the people, infrastructure and other aspects.

Khamo reminded the students to acknowledge the contributions of parents towards their education. He also highlighted the role of parents and teachers in imparting education.

Pointing out that the world, including Nagaland, is moving at a fast pace with stiff competition in various fields, he urged the youngsters to be well-prepared and more competent. He advised the students to be serious about their chosen professions.

While highlighting the hindrances in venturing into business and other fields due to turmoil and disturbances in the past, he encouraged the younger generation to grasp the opportunity with the existing peaceful situation in the state. Also reminding of the government policy to absorb into government jobs based on meritocracy, he stated that it has now become impossible for youngsters to get a job without appearing in competitive examinations.

Stating that the department of School Education is working on the rationalisation of schools, redeployment of teachers and curbing the proxy teaching culture, he called upon the student bodies to work in tandem with the department to bring about positive changes in the schools.

Khamo told the students to choose whether they want to be a liability or an asset to society. He added that none can stop a person if they decide to become somebody.

The advisor asked the student leaders and parents to guide youngsters to choose proper careers and bring them up to contribute positively to society.

A solidarity message was delivered by Medovi Rhi, president of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF). Greetings were also delivered by Avezo Kevin Kapu, president of the Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU), and Mosonyi Krocha, vice chairman of the Razeba Adhoc Town Council.

The welcome address was delivered by Boni Bunyi Zholia, convenor of the jubilee committee. The presidential address was delivered by Vingaulu Movi, while the general secretary report was presented by Rakokhrulu Krocha and the vote of thanks was proposed by Vitoulu Domeh, convenor of the finance committee.

A song was presented by Rhasoulu Movi, while a folk song was presented by the Razeba Women Society.

Khamo also unveiled the monolith to commemorate the occasion and also release the jubilee souvenir.

Meanwhile, a new team of RTCSU for the tenure 2024-25 was elected led by Modovi Krocha as president, Thovi Movi as vice president, Mushi Domeh as general secretary and other executives.

Later in the evening, an extravaganza night was held featuring Sunep Lemtur, ZT Slingshot, Medophrenuo Yiese, Daniel Lea, Khrürhulü Rhi, and Muchivi Lea.

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By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Dec 29, 2023 9:27:57 pm
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