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Friday, June 14, 2024

Jwenga Seb inaugurates Mt. Terogvü Prayer Tower

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Oct 07, 2023 7:47 pm
Mt. Terogvü
Jwenga Seb, Jenny Kath, and others after the inauguration of Mt. Terogvü Prayer Tower, Tseminyu, on October 6. (EM Images)

TSEMINYU — Jwenga Seb, MLA and chairman of District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) Tseminyu, inaugurated Mt. Terogvü Prayer Tower in Tseminyu district on Friday, which stands at a height of 1,735 metres above sea level.

Describing it as a long-cherished dream of the people, during the inaugural programme, Seb acknowledged and commended the initiative of block development officer (BDO) Tseminyu, Jenny Kath, under whose leadership the tower was constructed.

He also hoped that the project would boost green tourism initiatives in Tseminyu district, as Mt. Terogvü holds significant historical significance and can be a hotspot for tourists and visitors.

The legislator asserted that the place should not only be a destination for visitors but also a place of healing and spiritual deliverance and stressed the importance of preserving the flora and fauna in their natural state to attract tourists and promote harmony with nature.

He noted that Tseminyu has resolved to achieve ‘green district development goals’, which aim to promote sustainable development practices and preserve natural resources and the environment, including the creation of a ‘tourist circuit’ under the initiative of DPDB Tseminyu.

Seb maintained that the seven ranges of Rengma villages, which include 42 recognised villages under Tseminyu district, offer unique attractions and experiences, making it an ideal destination for tourists seeking an authentic cultural and natural experience. He also highlighted the various ranges and their distinct potential.

Meanwhile, in her speech, Kath shared an experience of finding solace on the mount during times of personal tragedy. She expressed that the place holds a special place in her heart.

She added that the tower’s construction received full support from the villagers, leaders, and elders, with 40% of the funding coming from MGNERGA under Rural Development and the remainder covered by her.

She encouraged people to visit Mt. Terogvü and urged all leaders and professionals to take pride in their work and glorify God.

Tekhenlo Semp also presented a brief history of Mt. Terogvü.

Apart from the prayer tower, there is also the Mt. Terogvü Prayer House, which is located atop Mt. Terogvü and is the highest point in the Rengma region. From its elevated position, it offers panoramic views of numerous Rengma villages, various districts of Nagaland, and even distant glimpses of the Himalayan range.

The location is regarded as a designated prayer sanctuary, chosen by divine providence to provide shelter for individuals seeking to relieve their burdens and find peace of mind.

Every Saturday throughout the year, Terogvünyu Chüpwe devotees gather at the prayer house for prayers and fasting. They pray for the world, the peace and prosperity of Nagas, the well-being of neighbouring villages, orphanages, and those in need.

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