Individuals Called To Act And Save Earth From Catastrophe — Wezah Apr 22
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Individuals called to act and save earth from catastrophe — Wezah

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Apr 22, 2023 2:35 pm
Individuals called to act and save earth from catastrophe — Wezah
Officials from the Social Forestry Division, Department of Forest, Environment and Climate Change Nagaland alongwith faculties, staff and students of the Nagaland University Kohima Campus, Meriema on Saturday. (EM Images)
KOHIMA —The deputy conservator of Forest, Enyiwekha Wezah, has challenged every individual to act at their own level to save the planet earth from catastrophe instead of waiting for rich, advanced countries and industrialists to come to the rescue.

Wezah stated this on ‘Earth Day’ programme organised by Geology department of Nagaland University, Kohima Campus, Meriema, in partnership with the Social Forestry Division under the department of Forest, Environment and Climate Change at its campus on Saturday on the theme ‘Invest our planet.’

While pointing out that there is only one planet, he called upon the participants to in harmony with nature. Also reminding that God has created human beings to be the caretaker of his resources, he questioned the participants if they are executing their roles in taking care of God’s resources.

He has stressed on the need for immediate action beginning from individual capacity to save the planet earth from catastrophe and also for posterity without waiting longer for rich, advanced countries and industrialists to come to the rescue.

Towards this end, he suggested certain tips to put into practice in daily life with behavioral changes and act upon instead of sensitising alone to save from climate change, global warming, melting ice and others.

He suggested the use of handkerchief instead of tissue paper stating that to produce one ton of tissue paper, at least 17 matured trees and 2000 gallons of water are contaminated and to sustain fashion as fashion industry contributes about 8% of greenhouse effect.

He also discouraged use of plastics which pollute the environment; to turn off lights when not in use; share transport; turning off running water tap; shutting off computers when not in use; use reusable bags and to plant more trees.

Keneikrul Noswe, Forest Ranger of Kohima, informed that around 400 saplings of Silver Oak, Taxus baccata, Wild Apple and Bottle Brush would be planted on the occasion.

Professor G Thong, pro-vice chancellor of NU, Kohima Campus, Meriema, also reiterated the need to practice sustainable living and make it a way of life.

NU Lumami campus also observed ‘Earth Day’ by organising painting competition and plantation drive.

The painting competition was conducted on April 21 in the conference hall of Geography department on the theme “Invest in our planet.”It stated that the vice chancellor and chief patron, Prof. Jagadish K Patnaik, gave away 14 awards to the winners of the painting competition.

The PRO, Ashish Kumar, informed that the tree saplings were distributed to the various hostels for the plantation drive. The tree species included Golden Trumpet, Spanish Cherry, Pine, Rain Tree, Burmese grape and Hog Plum.

SCC: The Science department of Sao Chang College in Tuensang observed ‘Earth Day’ wherein the college’s principal, Dr. Vitsosie Vupru, spoke on the importance of Earth Day.

It informed that a total of 20 fruit saplings were distributed to students for planting in their respective compound. The Green Initiative Committee of the college also planted 6 saplings of Nectarine and apples in the college campus.

AIDA: ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA)-Don Bosco, implementing SBI Foundation Gram Seva programme in Dimapur celebrated ‘Earth Day’ by planting tree saplings in its five adopted villages namely Khriezephe, Diezephe, Urra, Bade and Tsithrongse.

earth day-AIDA

The tree plantation was carried out by the remedial students, teachers and Gram Seva Committee members.

It stated that 50-100 tree saplings were planted in each adopted village to create awareness on the importance of protecting the planet.

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By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Apr 22, 2023 2:35:00 pm
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