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In conversation with Muzungchim Yimchunger

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2016 10:59 pm

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Muzungchim Yimchunger is a designer and hands on artist that believes in creating unique and sustainable fashion through the use of recycled materials. He sticks by his beliefs and is working passionately to spread awareness about critical environmental issues through his creations.
As Muzungchim gets candid with Eastern Mirror’s Style Spot, read on to know Muzungchim’s fashion statement.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about your love for fashion, your career so far and the way you choose to become a fashion?
Muzungchim Yimchunger: I’ve loved fashion since I was very young. I would spend hours watching fashion T.V and reading fashion magazines. And gradually, I started experimenting by stitching motifs and my sister’s dresses and make their accessories. That’s how I started to know fashion and eventually took it as my career.
I have done specialization in fashion Design and Apparel production form polytechnic Kohima under the sponsorship of MHRD, GOI, NEW DELHIRight after my course I have participated with #Road Trip Experience .Worked with the #PROJECT72HRS where we did various street art in Kohima and also worked with #Something Sketchy and did Mural art. Worked as an assistant designer at The Global Open University Annual Fashion Show 2015 and also had the privilege to work under Theja Sekhose the renowned Fashion Designer.

EASTERN MIRROR: What was your first big break in the industry?
Muzungchim Yimchunger: I should say my big break in the Industry would be ‘The Two Travellers’ collaboration with K. Cynthia Kolakhe . Where art meets fashion and by the grace of God our Brand has been acknowledged internationally

EASTERN MIRROR: Nationally still Nagaland fashion designers have a long way to go, what according to you can help Nagaland’s fashion industry attain this?
Muzungchim Yimchunger: I Agree , we are still lacking behind as compared to others states when it comes to fashion industry, but we Nagas are no less when it come to talent, creativity and fashion. The designers need plenty of money for production houses.
Fashion shows, advertising and work place. Unfortunately lots of designers struggle a lot and we have no option.
Financial assistance from the government sector can do a lot by boosting our career and helping the Naga fashion industry as well.

EASTERN MIRROR: What kind of attitude do you try to communicate through your designs? What is your style statement?
Muzungchim Yimchunger: I am more into recycling stuffs. I create a dress, accessories or decorative items out of unused clothes and waste materials. I try to spread awareness about environmental issues through my design.
I don’t follow a certain fashion trend. But I prefer to be stay stylish and comfortable.

EASTERN MIRROR: One fashion rule it’s time to break?
Muzungchim Yimchunger: Less is more

EASTERN MIRROR: What are you working on right now and what are your future aspirations?
Muzungchim Yimchunger: Along with K. Cynthia Kolakhe we are working on brand called “ THE TWO TRAVELLERS” which is an art meet fashion.
“THE TWO TRAVELLERS” is a collaboration between two people where art meets fashion inspired by vibrant colours and various local cultures.
We deal in all kinds of clothing lines, paintings and also into event management and you can connect us through our Facebook page: THE TWO TRAVELLERS- K.Cynthia Kolakhe and Muzung Yimchunger.
I would love to open a recycle studio where I can teach and Educate people about recycling of waste materials and promote awareness by introducing eco-friendly products.

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2016 10:59:44 pm
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