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Rhythm of Love

In conversation with Muno Shiu

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Music is something the world would be lost without! We feel it, we breathe it, we love it! Eastern Mirror’s –
Rhythm of Love- connects our readers to music through conversation with artists as they share their experience with their love …… MUSIC
Music moves us, opens our emotions – passing all barriers. Music is a piece that we can all connect to so Readers get connected
with your favorite artists every Friday with Rhythm of Love.Muno Shiu
from the Khiamniungan community is an aspiring artist from Dimapur. The young talent draws inspiration from everyday life and the book of Psalms in the Holy Bible.
The singer who focuses on creating original songs rather than covers says his debut single ‘Rise and walk’ is aimed at troubled youth members, he encourages them to begin anew and utilise their God given talents.

EASTERN MIRROR: A little intro about yourself as an artist
Muno Shiu: Hi, I’m Muno Shiu from Khiamniungan community brought up in Dimapur and graduated from Tetso College. Singing has always been my passion from early age and I experience with a wide Genres of Pop, Soft rock and Indie Rock. I prefer to be original rather than cover songs and believe that music can be a powerful medium to motivate and inspire the youths to live a better life and I also recount my everlasting joy in leading worship in the churches.

EASTERN MIRROR: Where do you draw your inspirations from?
Muno Shiu: I draw my inspirations’ from the Bible, Psalm and everyday life.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your Debut single “Rise and Walk” all about?
Muno Shiu: One fine Sunday morning on my way to church I happened to stumble upon some youths who were indulging in the wrong activities and wasting away their God given talents. So at that moment I thought, why not spread some good news through my songs? And thus “Rise and Walk” came into light; it’s a message largely for the youth to keep moving ahead in life in spite of all the hardships and troubles. The song says “Look beyond the horizon, be brave and nothing will defeat, what stops you to fly above the sky?” The message from 1 timothy 4:12 has been the lead in writing this song.

EASTERN MIRROR: When was the first time you actually fell in love with music and why?
Muno Shiu: As a child I grew up listening to my parents singing in church services .I learnt guitar chords from them, and they are my rock stars. They taught me the true meaning of Music .I still remember my first stage which was shared with my parents. After few years I started to take music in serious note, which results me in winning solo competition that was one of my most memorable nights. After that I started performing in many shows and Music began to live in me. And they said to me son The world may knock you down try to trample you but stay strong and learnt to fight.

EASTERN MIRROR: Favorite quote.
Muno Shiu: “Efforts and Courage are not enough without Purpose and Direction”

EASTERN MIRROR: Frame or money? Which one would you choose and why?
Muno Shiu: All little bit of both I should say because money and frame complement each other and we actually need both of it to face this extremely competitive world.

EASTERN MIRROR: Any new releases coming up for the year 2016?
Muno Shiu: Well, it’s still a new year so hopefully yes, I’m working on it.
This time you will witness a different taste of music.

EASTERN MIRROR: Word of advice for all the upcoming Musicians of Nagaland
Muno Shiu: Work hard with utmost sincerity and have Faith, ‘’Nothing is too hard and far away when you believe that you can”

By EMN Updated: Mar 03, 2016 11:54:54 pm