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In conversation with Mantick Jess Konyak

By EMN Updated: Oct 27, 2015 10:22 pm

Living his childhood dream Mantick Jess Konyak from Tizit Town, Mon district is an upcoming designer who recently won the runner up title of Aida Events Designer Hunt 2015. For him the biggest inspiration has been his parents who have stood by him with their golden advice “There’s no place for lazy people in this world” & “Do what makes you happy but make sure you take care of your wings, no matter what!!”. 

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EASTERN MIRROR: Were you always interested in fashion? Talk us through your initial allure on the fashion world.
Mantick Jess Konyak: Yes, I’ve had a passion for fashion since I was in 8th standard. I got so inspired by all the little things around me. I would grab a pencil and start sketching whatever comes to my mind. The most interesting part is I would make my sister my mannequin and try to create something different with a piece of fabric. And at the end of the day I realized that I have the caliber to do this, which I really enjoy doing and makes me happy.

EASTERN MIRROR: What do you like most about what you do?
Mantick Jess Konyak: Obviously I love fashion! there’s nothing that I like more than fashion and no specific reason that I like the most of what I do because I love everything when it comes to fashion.EASTERN MIRROR: Dressing up is always considered to be for women, and females have always dominated the fashion world. Do you agree with this?
Mantick Jess Konyak: I can’t accept that female generation has dominated the fashion world because when it comes to fashion I should say that it’s like a head and a tail of the same coin. The only thing is Men don’t appreciate it much, especially in our state.
So yes hopefully just give a little bit of appreciation and learning to groom and men might someday dominate the fashion world hehehe.
Ok…apart from that, yes I do agree that female generation has grown far beyond in the fashion world, they have the idea, and they know what fashion is and how to wear.

EASTERN MIRROR: As a designer do you face any crucial situations where you run out of ideas when working on your pieces? How do you deal with the situation?
Mantick Jess Konyak: Yes of course being a designer I do face crucial situations where I sometime run out of ideas, which every designer must be facing, I believe!!
That’s not a major problem, the only thing I focus is to make he/she feels comfortable with what they wear and stay out of criticism. People do not like to repeat the same outfits, they are so conscious when it comes to designer wear, they expect more, something totally different from ones wardrobe; uniqueness is what a person wants to be!!
So all this mindset gives a huge challenge as a designer and makes me put more effort and sacrifice my time in order to fulfill their likes. My goal is to make my clients feel good and at the end of the day happiness is what I look for.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the dressing essentials that every man and woman should have?
Mantick Jess Konyak: It doesn’t matter whether he/she is wearing designer clothes or street wear/ cheap/expensive… the only thing that matters is to make sure it suits your body language and feel comfortable.
I suggest one should at least have a pair of vintage blue and black denim pants and a pair of converse or a snicker + leather bag. You may or may not feel that “Wow-ness” in you but I assure that you’ll end up saying “ok that’s the perfect combination and am svery ok with it” Simple and chic…!!

EASTERN MIRROR: When and where do you get your best ideas?
Mantick Jess Konyak: Ummm….. anything is an inspiration if you really give a genuine thought to a particular thing. The problem is we are so much messed up with the world around us. For me getting an inspiration has no boundary…. most probably I get the idea when people address something as ugly or weird…honestly!!
Also I usually find inspiration around the corner of the street when I travel or take a walk… ya that’s the best feeling I get.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your favorite trend that emerged from this year’s fashion?
Mantick Jess Konyak: I have no particular favorite trend. Seriously when it comes to me, I usually try to have my own… plain & faded Tees and black denim which is my all time favorite. But yes in general I have noticed that people are very conscious regarding their leather products, be it shoes or bag. I love them too. I also love the kimono & faded torn jeans coming back again, Egyptian printed tees, Gladiator footwear, metallic color, Silver!!

EASTERN MIRROR: Describe the type of woman/man who would wear your collections.
Mantick Jess Konyak: He/She should be confident enough and make sure you don’t regret later. Most importantly-Personality and attitude matters a lot to me.
I really don’t care how the person looks; ugly, fat, skinny, dark… No. Walk with confidence and don’t bother about what people think. Believe in yourself and stand out.

EASTERN MIRROR: Women have similar taste/opinion when it comes to styling. As a male you have your own opinion. Tell us few blunders that women make with fashion. Piece of advice for fashion lovers.
Mantick Jess Konyak: I must say we younger generation have similar taste in fashion which I find no appeal at all.
The only thing we know is the very word “Fashion” and rush to replicate one another… Why?? Fashion can be anything, it doesn’t only talk about clothes, it can be a home decor or gadget or anything. But what you need to have is your own personal style which is lacking in today’s generation.
Yes, today am proud to say that I am a fashion designer. Honestly, I don’t talk much about fashion; I talk about style where one should at least relate to your personality and interest.
Coming back to my point of view regarding the awkward moment where women malfunction with their sense of fashion. I suggest that… you make your Deep Red lipstick suit your skin tone or else try nude, say no to jumpsuit if you have a larger figure… try maxi, avoid high heel if you are really not ok with it, excess use of jewelries or accessories hide the real beauty in you, so don’t!! A Piece of advice from me would be….. Just be you, don’t overdo it and learn to appreciate yourself.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for Mantick Konyak?
Mantick Jess Konyak: I am about to complete my course in NIFT, Kolkata and then I plan to endorse my own label, which might take time but hopefully looking forward to it. It’s a future thing so I never know where life will lead me later, but I hope & believe that He (God) will make things right.

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