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In conversation with Lia Jamir

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2015 10:33 pm

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Simple and elegant is Lia Jamir’s style mantra. In today’s ‘Style Spot’ the spotlight is on Bangalore based upcoming fashion student/designer Lia Jamir who has already styled imminent personalities of Bangalore city. Lia shares her fascinating story of her design inspirations to her designing practices with Style Spot. 

EASTERN MIRROR: How did it come that you became a fashion designer?
Lia Jamir: Whenever I get time, one thing I that pulls my hand is to sketch. I love sketch and ultimately it’s of clothes. So just like that I tempted to choose profession as designer. As it says where your interest goes, follow and aim it and try to be master in it.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your personal style? And what inspires you for your designs?
Lia Jamir: My style is simple yet elegant.
I focused my definition around empathy and the importance of understanding the people I am designing for.

EASTERN MIRROR: Nagaland and Northeast in general is celebrated as ‘fashionable’. But till date no fashion designers have made a name for themselves in the industry. What could be the reason?
Lia Jamir: Mmmmmmmmm…..Noph! Atsu Sekhose has already earned a good name representing from Nagaland, so this question is invalid for me.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your opinion about Fashion in Nagaland.
Lia Jamir: Nagas are very good in vogue, Street style of Nagas is always mesmerizing and I highly appreciate that.

EASTERN MIRROR: As a proficient in fashion, what advice would you like to offer to all fashion lovers which can be handy for us?

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your next project?
Lia Jamir: Oh! Oh! Oh! Why not keep it a secret for now? Hehehe….

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2015 10:33:55 pm
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