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Rhythm of Love

In conversation with Lala Vaiphei

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Music is something the world would be lost without! We feel it, we breathe it, we love it! Eastern Mirror’s – Rhythm of Love- connects our readers to music through conversation with artists as they share their experience with their love …… MUSIC
Music moves us, opens our emotions – passing all barriers. Music is a piece that we can all connect to so Readers get connected with your favorite artists every Friday with Rhythm of Love.

EASTERN MIRROR: A little intro about yourself …….
Lala Vaiphei: Presently I am doing my medical course in Shenyang, China. Currently, i am on a break and shaping my God given talent of making music to pursue this never fading dream of becoming an artist.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is it about music that you love the most?
Lala: For all I know, music has always been a language spoken universally and truly, if you ask me, why do people make art? It has everything to do with self expression and communicating to others on a whole new level, maybe they feel the same as you, maybe they’ll discover through it and it goes on. The best part is, it never ages, never dies. My little sister listens to songs from the time before my parents were even born, I can tell you what music offers doesn’t change, irrespective of who or when. And with that, I love music because as an ordinary human, I feel the need to escape, to feel good and simply to let my emotions be known.

EASTERN MIRROR: As most of your tracks are instrumental…..Which rapper or singer do you think will best flow along with your musical rhythm?
Lala: To be honest, i feel like it could be anybody. If someone could feel and connect to the music I make, they don’t even need to try much. They’ll just vibe to it, bob their heads for sometime and just spit something out… But….. The lyric needs to make sense though.
And with that, I love music because as an ordinary human, I feel the need to escape, to feel good and simply to let my emotions be known. Most of us are self taught, self made and that is something to be proud about I guess, being small town people making do with what’s there. I think being self taught gives you space enough to experiment with yourself and I think that would be my answer.

EASTERN MIRROR: In one sentence each……Distinction of music in North East with the mainland India and globally.
Lala: Music with us has never been about the money. Our unique origins have helped shape the type of music we put out. I guess it has more to do with passion and just the thrill that comes with being so into music and having that ability to express it. We honestly are a talented lot of people with much to give but no clue of where to.

EASTERN MIRROR: If given a change to share stage with a musician, who would it be and why?
Lala: Kanye west. I idolize that dude. That guy is a piece of art. His music has been giving me ideas. His 2007 “Graduation” album needs to be listened to atleast once daily. So much rhythm for a hip-hop album.

EASTERN MIRROR: Recalling your past musical achievements, which experience do you think has shaped you and motivated you to become who you are now?
Lala: Every time I stood on stage. It was such a confidence booster. I use to play bass back during myhigh school days.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your thoughts on the role played by indihut in promoting the young musicians of the region…..
Lala: Thank God for indihut. They make sure your music is heard all over. They are the promoters’ freelance artists need. I wouldn’t have known where to take my music if not for indihut. Go follow them on facebook. And please do check out my new track “Soul groove” at and do share. Sharing’s caring.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your favorite quote?
Lala: “You gotta do what you gotta do, so you can do what you wanna do.”

Instrumentalist Lala Vaiphei believes that music has always been a universally spoken language, and wishes to pursue his dream of becoming a famous artist one day.
Lala Vaiphei also has a serious aim of helping the less unfortunate with his certificate in medicine.
In today’s Rhythm of Love, Lala shares his musical journey.

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