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In conversation with Kaho Sumi

By EMN Updated: Feb 23, 2016 10:18 pm

Eastern Mirror’s Style Spot gives you an insider look into the local style scene, bringing you the latest news and trends in the fashion industry. Every Wednesday we offer a fun and exciting line up of artists that you won’t want to miss out on!!
We showcase Designers, Stylists, Models, Bloggers, Make-up Artists and Fashion Entrepreneurs each with their unique perspective on fashion. Whether you love beautifully layered laidback summery vibes in pastel or a bit of Edge in leather appliquéd on cropped jackets and tunics you can find Your Style Inspiration Here! From an early age the world of fashion drew in Kaho Sumi . Committed to making her dream a reality Kaho  in 2008 started a label under her name “Kaho”. Now 9 years in the industry, Kaho works her magic on wedding gowns and is an accomplished wedding planner too!!! It’s this extraordinary determination that has made Kaho adored by many. Today Kaho shares her fascinating story, design inspirations and her dream for Nagaland’s fashion industry with “Style Spot”.

EASTERN MIRROR: How did you get into fashion?
Kaho Sumi: Since my childhood I was very interested in sketching dresses, do friend’s haircut, style them up etc…. and I really enjoyed doing that. “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” popular quotes by Joseph Campbell inspired me, took fashion designing degree course and here I am, designing garments and stitch for only my personal selected clients as of now.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about your collections. And your personal style?
Kaho Sumi: My works are basically on bridal wear, evening gown and ethnic wear. My collections are designed based on whatever inspires me, be it nature, culture etc. I interpret through volumes, frills, layers and appliqué. My key features are through ruffles, pleats, trains but most importantly cuts and shapes, according to the individual body features – results body cocooned in fabric and gives a perfect structure.
Colour plays the part of fashion mystique, just as they are fashionable garments, accessories, hairstyles and fashion adornment. Colours can be experienced both physically and psychologically. Every colour signifies specific emotions and moods. Hence my personal style is to choose right colours in the right occasion with the right sense of outfit to wear and of course a comfortable wear.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you think Nagas are waving well in the fashion industry? What more can be done for the industry to grow according to your experiences?
Kaho Sumi: Fashion industry in India is booming, Nagas are definitely waving well in fashion world, we have a Naga leading designer Atsu Sekose who is well ahead, doing shows both in India and abroad, Adi Rentta based in Mumbai to name a few. Back home we have a few designers who have set up their own boutiques. We have come this far, but still have miles to go.
We have many raw talents here in Nagaland, given the proper platform definitely will make it to heights in fashion industry. IMC center of excellence(Khushaibill) which is centrally sponsored, gave an opportunity to many young, talented and enthusiastic Naga girls to pursue their dreams in advance fashion technology, cutting and sewing for about four years in a very affordable way, but sad to say that the center has withdrawn the scheme. Many things need to be done for the industry to grow; we need a fashion design institute with proper facilities and with degree and diploma course, textiles, fabrics and machineries needs upgradation. Nagaland Designers Association (NDA) have been formed since 2011 November, have set up a Naga designers boutique in Kohima ,given an opportunity to the NDA, am sure they too can contribute for future industry growth here in Nagaland.
EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your greatest accomplishment?
Kaho Sumi: 1. Showcased my first design in fashion fiesta Shillong in 2008.
2. Designed ethnic wear and costumes for Mr. Nagaland 2009 and awarded’ best ethnic wear.’
3. Designed clothes for DSSU and awarded ‘the best designer’
4. Worked as official designer for beauty pageant Miss Nagaland 2009, Miss Dimapur 2010-2014 and Northeast Mega Model 2013. Designed individual costumes for Miss Nagaland, Miss Dimapur and Miss Mokochung.
5. Official designer for shows WSH 50th anniversary and WST Golden Anniversary.
6. Nine years of work experience I have stitched 125 wedding gowns, 80 evening gowns and 420 dresses for showcase.

EASTERN MIRROR: Is there any place you would like to visit from a professional perspective?
Kaho Sumi: My dream is to visit Paris- the fashion hub-rated the most stylish city in the world. Milan, New York, London and Tokyo also received high marks for their fashion and design credentials, those cities considered the global “Big Five” fashion trends and in which the design, production retailing of fashion products and events such as fashion works, awards and trade fair takes place. Since the 17th century under Louis XIV, Paris established itself as Europe’s main fashion center; I think it’s every designer’s dream to visit these places.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for you professionally?
Kaho Sumi: Presently working on my own label ‘Kaho’ since 2008, and my boutique will be launched shortly. I do have plans for production and fashion marketing consultant, till then let us keep our fingers crossed.

By EMN Updated: Feb 23, 2016 10:18:43 pm
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