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In conversation with Esther Christina Rongmei

By EMN Updated: Feb 02, 2016 9:27 pm

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Esther Christina Rongmei is a highly experienced artist in the field of makeup and hair design. Excelling in both skills gives Esther a distinctive edge in the industry.
She has worked with numerous online shopping sites such as Jabong, flipkart, amazon and of course renowned celebrities’ in the media industry.
Esther represents the true meaning of an accomplished Beauty Expert.Esther is a Dimapur girl, but was educated in makeup artistry and hair styling in Delhi and has been working professionally for the past 4 years in the industry.
Read up for Esther’s expert advice.

Eastern mirror: Talk us through your journey in the fashion industry.
Esther Rongmei: Well to be honest I never planned my profession. Of course I was always fascinated by makeup and hair tricks but never gave a thought into joining the profession. In simple terms I should say it kind of happened or I was destined to be in this field with my flair for makeup and playing with hair.
I landed in Delhi for a job but with my sister’s persuasion I enrolled at the VLCC institute in Delhi and fortunate enough this opened doors for me.
Moreover I have been lucky enough to secure myself as makeup and hair stylist and gain a foothold in the fashion industry ladder with the help of renowned Assamese makeup and hair artist Leeview who is a much sought after artist in the showbiz industry.

Eastern mirror: What challenges have you faced in the industry?
Esther Rongmei: The only challenges I faced were during my course when the institute would send us students to way off places. I know the institute was doing that to groom us but I had trouble going out of my comfort zone.

Eastern mirror: What is the most rewarding thing to be in this industry?
Esther Rongmei: To be in the industry itself, doing what I love and bringing smile on others face itself is rewarding thing for me.

Eastern mirror: What work ethics have you learned working with celebrated personalities of the country?
Esther Rongmei: Their commitment, sincerity with work and time management has taught me a lot. True to the maxim “work is worship”, they truly respect their job and this is one big lesson that I have learned from them.

Eastern mirror: What has been the most remarkable moment in your career so far?
Esther Rongmei: Well I have been fortunate enough to be surviving in the capital with good response and every assignment is an opportunity …..hmmm but receiving the assignment to give a makeover to the world hockey player captains for their photo shoot in 2014 was indeed the most rewarding project.

Eastern Mirror: One trendy hairstyle that goes for every season and ever occasion?
Esther Rongmei: Light curl with your hair let down is the best hairstyle look for every occasion.

Eastern Mirror: What is the mistake that people here make when it comes to make up? What advice would you like to pass on?
Esther Rongmei: Nagas are naturally blessed with good skin tone so too much of makeup spoils the look especially with the blusher. When it comes to eye makeup, we have small eyes so instead of playing with colorful eye shadows go for lighter ones or smokey eyes which enhance our eyes and make it look fuller and brighten the eye.

Eastern Mirror: If given an opportunity would you like to shift your base here?
Esther Rongmei: For the moment No. Honestly in terms of business I don’t see myself growing here because people are not aware of the amount of money we invest on the makeup tools and they are left taken aback with the charges without considering the brands we use or used on them. I hope people learn about it. But I plan to open a saloon and institution in some years.

Eastern Mirror: Can you provide client references?
Esther Rongmei: Absolutely, contact me to be connected/ book on my facebook page @ Esther make up, Esther Christina Rongmei @facebook and Esther makeover @Instagram.

By EMN Updated: Feb 02, 2016 9:27:00 pm
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