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Good Morning Nagaland: Special Angami Pork recipe of WTF, Kohima

By EMN Updated: May 23, 2016 12:24 am

Where’s The Food? (WTF), opened its doors on November 29, 2013! It is a local restaurant serving a variety of Naga dishes made with freshly prepped and locally sourced produce! 
WTF is located at New Minister Hill, LFS, at Kuozhii view Tower Point, landmark Cathedral.
Apart from serving local delicacies, Chinese & Indian Fast food is available too! WTF also rents the restaurants for Parties, Conference & Gatherings.
For your entertainment WTF have set up LED TV & Screening for football matches etc… while a separate Naga Kitchen is also available for any guest that wants to opt for self service with all necessary traditional Naga kitchen wares.


Angami pork dish

Local pork meat 1/2 kg
Dry bamboo shoot, salt, 
Red dry chilli (mashed)
Ginger (mashed)
Garlic (mashed)

METHOD : cooking time 1hr
Clean the pork meat and cut into medium size. Heat up the empty pot for 1min in low heat. Add the meat into the pot and stir dry till the fat oils ooze (10-15 mins). Add salt (preferable amount) then stir, after 5mins add mashed dry red chilli. Keep stirring for awhile till all ingredients mix well, cover the pot and let it cook for anthr 10mins. Keep stirring in between. Add the garlic paste, add 1 and half cup of water, stir well, cover the pot. After 10 mins add the dry bamboo shoot, cook it for sometime, then add the ginger paste, stir well let it cook with covered pot. 
Your local pork dish is ready to be served.

By EMN Updated: May 23, 2016 12:24:07 am