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Friday, June 14, 2024
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DMU Kohima makes headway in land restoration, drought resilience

By EMN Updated: Jun 04, 2024 6:23 pm
DMU Kohima makes headway in land restoration, drought resilience
The Protection and Expansion of Community Conservation Area in Tuophema village under Mission Amrit Sarovar.

DIMAPUR — The Divisional Management Unit (DMU), Kohima has made signification achievements in land restoration, reverse desertification and drought resilience under the Nagaland Forest Management Project (NFMP).

The Nagaland Forest Management Project is an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation in Nagaland.

Under this project, the Kohima Division restored 172.86 hectares of jhum area under NFMP villages viz. Zhadima ‘A’ village under Chiephobozou Range and Nsunyu, Phenwhenyu, Terogvunyu, Kandinu, Tseminyu, Tsosinyu and Ehunnu villages under Tseminyu Range, the DMU Kohima stated in a press release.

An approximate 69,200 tree saplings were planted in the 172.86 hectares. “Through this plantation, the jhum agro-forestry approach has contributed to the environmental sustainability by reducing soil degradation and promoting biodiversity thereby improving the resilience of the ecosystem, enabling it to better withstand climate change, and other environmental challenges,” it stated.

The DMU Kohima informed that the plantation not only helps to prevent soil erosion but also maintains soil fertility, which is crucial for sustaining agriculture in these Jhum areas.

It also stated that preventing desertification is important for maintaining the health of ecosystems and that efficient water management is critical for preventing desertification, especially in areas where there is scarcity of water.

The DMU Kohima further informed that under the Mission Amrit Sarovar, which aims to conserve water for the future, the Amrit Sarovar at Tuophema PECCA (Protection and Expansion of Community Conservation Area) has undergone a remarkable rejuvenation, with the collective efforts of the entire community and the NFMP, Kohima division.

“This collaborative initiative has not only revitalised the water body but also enhanced the lives of the local community and wildlife,” it stated.

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is ‘Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience.’

This theme emphasises on the collective effort needed to restore land and ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and combat climate change, the release stated.

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By EMN Updated: Jun 04, 2024 6:23:05 pm
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